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Becoming a child at Christmas

I always love when you open that first door on your advent calandar and gobble the chocolate Christmas shape inside!  For years nothing thrilled me more and no matter what life scenerios occured, I could always get excited about Christmas.

Even though I’m now much older, regardless I can’t help but feel full of warmth everytime I indulge in the thoughts of the festive season.  You get to share time with your loved ones (a rare thing as you get older) and you get to give gifts of thanks to all those you want to, which from being a child has been one of the best parts about it!  

I do look super cool in my red onsie as a kid!

What do you get for everyone for their presents??  I try each year to plan ahead and each year I’ve struggled…. not this time, I am on it!  I nearly have all my presents, which is completely new to me but my gosh does it feel good.  
It’s such a beautiful feeling to know what will please each person and make their face glow as they unwrap the present, so over the next few weeks I will be doing a series of ‘panic-not’ Christmas shopping posts and today’s is about the best presents to buy for… Children.

You’d be lying if you didn’t love to walk into a toy shop and gaze around the shelves feeling drawn in, or if not you’d certainly be thinking about the kinds of toys you once loved.  

For this particular blog post I have been going Disney mad this week, I watched Brave for the first time and decided to wander around the Disney store. As I did all I could think about was how amazing Disney makes you feel… regardless of age.  

I have listed below some contenders for pre-Christmas presents, and actual Christmas presents ideas for children

Mckey Mouse Face Christmas Sack – £18.00

Oh my.  As if running down to see what Santa has left wasn’t exciting enough…. Mickey Mouse is there in form of the Santa sack?!  Good grief!  If I was 5 I’d be squealing with sheer joy! 

This isn’t really a Christmas present I don’t think… ideally it’d be a pre-Christmas present.  My Mum and I have pre-Christmas presents each year, and have for as long as I remember – but I love nothing more than to bring out each of the festive items ready to celebrate the season.  This Mickey Mouse advent calendar is great for £12.00

I have a mouse stocking that I had when I was 9…. it comes out every single Christmas.  You need to invest in one of these either to make a child extremely happy or …for yourself! These are festive in colour and only £12.00.

 I adore these more than you could ever know!  They’re new for AW12 and are perfect for your kids or as presents.  They’re quite effortless but fantastically classic in their design.  You can’t beat Winnie The Pooh & Friends… especially in cushion form! 

Rapunzel Music box – £12.00

With the hit film Tangled (which just to add I loved it!) you can never ever go wrong with a classic music box for little girls.  I still have mine from when I was 6 years old and I used to keep my colourful ‘jewellery’ in it.  There are a wide range at The Disney Store for other ones available. 

This is the sort of gift I’d get for a child but via their parents,  what I mean is that it is the ideal gift to buy for maybe a new born that they can one day keep? I love look back at similar items I was bought and admiring how well made they are.  I think you can get these for £25.00 from Amazon.

nostalgic four piece breakfast set designed by leading china
manufacturer, Churchill. The elegant set, which includes a bowl, mug,
egg cup and plate, is inspired by the classic Winnie the Pooh Hundred
Acre Wood scenery”

Chip N Dale Romper – £13.00

I seriously could buy baby clothes all day so many out there that are undeniably cute!  There are numerous Christmas ones at the Disney store that are well made.  There are a number of different styles, and to be honest the hardest bit is chosing one and not getting carried away!

It’s only a few of my favourite Christmas related picks from Disney, but just writing this post has made me want to watch a Christmas film and write my Christmas cards!If you fancy having a peak at the other Disney Christmas items head over to the Disney Store.





  1. December 3, 2012 / 11:54 pm

    That advent calender is genius, i love how you can put different things in each of the little 'doors'.
    I just saw tangled recently as well and I loved it x

  2. December 4, 2012 / 7:48 am

    Thanks guys. Yeah I love the advent calendar – I reckon it's reusable too! The Winnie the Pooh set I may need to invest in! Xx

  3. December 4, 2012 / 10:23 pm

    Lovely photos , that chip n dale romper is adorable! X

  4. December 5, 2012 / 9:04 am

    Haha I know it truly is the best time of year! I just indulge! xx

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