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Men at Christmas

I find Christmas shopping for women a breeze, because I am
one I get totally involved with shopping for another one.  It’s quite simple really, I like to indulge
in thinking about their likes, dislikes, their personality and more importantly
the presents you often go for tend to be pretty and are appreciated…. however
with men it tends to be completely different and is a whole different ball game. 

One male that doesn’t mind what you buy him…. well he likes food and not Santa suits!

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with men at
Christmas,  I never know what to buy and
will always find that they will be my last people to buy for, not because they’re
my least favourite people but they’re my hardest presents to find!   I
often tend to find men don’t get as excited by presents as well, not that I’m
giving in order to get a huge response but some acknowledgement that I have hit
the nail on the head would be good…but this is something that remains to be

 I decided to plan a head this year and have listed some
present ideas to provide some inspiration. 
I know we don’t have long left before Christmas, but if you’re quick you might be able to get some of these products.
Now,  before I begin remember
these presents aren’t going to be glamorous but they are well made and good
First things first, one of my top ideas I had for a family
member was buying him a pair of well made gloves.  I know that doesn’t sound exciting but after I
reviewed a pair for myself I knew any male member of my family would love
them.  I am of course talking about Etre
gloves, they are so well made and ideal if you want to use your iphone or touch
screen without taking your gloves off. 
They’re classically designed and in a selection of warm, soft colours
which are ideal for gentlemen.


I have some of the Etre FIVEPOINT gloves (reviewed in my All gloved Up post) which have the
technology so that all your fingers are covered whilst you can use your touch
screen device. I decided that I didn’t
want my brother to have exactly the same as me so I got him some that were a
bit different and in grey and black.  For him I went for the
Etre Touchy Gloves,
you’ll immediately notice the index finger and thumb aren’t
cover at the tip but the rest are snugly covered. 


“freedom to text, tweet and touch—while also allowing you to snap photos, take notes and shoot film in wintry conditions”

I got my boyfriend to test these gloves out
as I was concerned your finger tips that were exposed may be cold, however he
said they weren’t at all.  These Etre gloves are entirely sourced and manufactured in
the UK and are 95% virgin wool and 5% mixed fibres.  You can get them from the Etre Shop for £40.00,these are a great gift idea, either in FIVEPOINT or the Touchy ones.

Falling into the men catergory is Grandad’s and older men.  Unfortunately neither of my beloved Grandad’s are with us anymore but we do have some older gentlemen in the family.  I always do think with old men is you can never go wrong with a classic handkerchief, especially if it’s well made.  I can never seem to fault the items produced by the Tie Rack especially when it comes to mens igfts – something small to add to a present and they’ve got cufflinks, scarves, hats, ties, belts, wallets etc etc.

This one above may look somewhat plain but it’s actually made from fine Italian silks, making it that extra bit special.  If my Grandad were alive now he’d of loved one of these, and it would of made one man very happy.  You can get a Tie Rack Mens Blue and Wine Border Silk Handkerchief for £9.99

Depending on the kind of man you’re buying for, sometimes aftershave is a great token gift.  if you don’t want to spend the earth have a look at the range from Next.  I have some of their womens perfume and it’s honestly fantastic and reasonably priced too!

The one in the picture above is Next Signature Eay De Toilette and for 100ml is £14.00.  There are numerous on the Next website for men, so you can honestly get the right kind of smell for your man or the man you’re making a purchase for.  The plus side of purchasing some aftershave is that the person you buy for will smell beautiful!

you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I’m a fan of ToyWatch Watches;
they’re quirky, original and make absolutely amazing presents!  

Toy Watch Toy2Fly Small Red – £145.00

Toy Watch Imprint Python – £140.00

The two I’ve selected above are some of my favourite ‘fun’ ones for men. Make sure you check out the others, as there is truly something for everyone.

Now some may wonder why I’ve suggested this but you really can’t go wrong with some good socks!  I know you’re laughing thinking why would anyone want socks… but if you get some good ones or maybe some for running/sports? 

Okay so socks aren’t extremely exciting but regardless we all need them, you can get some great quality pair for the various men in your life.  These ones are Mens John Smedley Denholm Merino Wool Socks for £18.00.  There are a variety of other kinds of socks on the website at Sock Shop.

If you want a quirky present involving socks you can actually do socks subscriptions! There is a fabulous company called Socked where gentlemen can get sent new socks monthly, quarterly, and biannually.  How clever?!  We’re always having odd socks in our house, or socks that look horrible after a few washes…if you find you’re the same then maybe this is for your man!

Dvd’s are always good idea if you’re organising presents
which are quite small, for example if you get one small present a DVD will pad
it out.  I purchased a Blu- Ray DVD the
other day, one that had a digital version too – meaning you can pop your
digital version on your iPad or other tablet device and it’ll work
perfectly.  Most men do actually love a
good gadget…. I mean I sometimes feel mesmerized by some of them! Have a look at or HMV as there are often offers and some great.

So those are some of my good basic ideas of Christmas presents for men.  Don’t panic you still have time, these are perfect panic presents too!




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    wonderful post 🙂

  2. December 21, 2012 / 10:54 am

    Thank you Rakel – I hope it helped! x

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