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Merry Christmas from Annie Bean

I can’t believe Christmas came and went so quickly, I spent so much time preparing for it with hunting for the perfect gifts, that I was absolutely exhausted on the day!  

This year I decided on Christmas eve to head to a local church with my mum for a carol service, it suddenly dawned on me of how wrapped up I’d become with the commercial side of the festive holiday.  As I sung a variety of carols I realised that I needed to enjoy the annual opportunity of time with all those I love, not worry if I’d got them the right present or if I’d remembered everyone on my Christmas card list…. but simply to enjoy the time we had together.

Every year I revert back to my inner child, I woke up at 7.30am and immediately was excitable like a puppy, delightfully poking my boyfriend to get out of bed to start enjoying the day.  After me singing along to Mr Buble’s Christmas CD at the top of my voice, (and also a v.strong coffee) my other half finally got up to open his gifts that I’d got him.  It made me realise even though I was bouncing about like a child, instead of wanting my presents I was more eager to have hopefully achieved my ultimate Christmas goal – giving gifts that ‘made’ someones Christmas. After we had chinwagged over some Christmas coffee and cheeky bacon sandwiches, we got all ready to head over to Mama & Poppa Bean HQ to see the family and embrace the 25th December.

I’d been trying so desperately to chose an outfit to wear for Christmas, last year I rocked a vintage looking berry dress but hadn’t the foggiest of ideas this time.  I wanted to look good but at the same time wanted it to be comfortable, something that eating vast amounts wouldn’t effect, look pretty and be reuseable for another time. 
Firstly I knew one thing that would be off the menu was jeans; I always refuse to wear jeans for Christmas day…. as you’re all aware I’m an extremely girly girl and love my dresses! I hunted and hunted for the perfect dress but no joke couldn’t find a bean, until I went to my old faithful in Topshop and opted for a tea dress.  This is my Christmas outfit the Topshop Floral Embroidered Flippy Dress for £46.00

I teamed the dress with some thick black tights and my trusty suede loafers…I knew my slippers would be on within minutes of entering the house! We then sorted a bag of bits to take; our gifts, delicious wines, scrummy chocolates and my homemade brownies.  Now, I’m not the best cook in the world but I decided to make some tasty brownies as a late afternoon snack for the 16 guests.  They went down quite well and being honest I was rather impressed with myself, so I will tell you how to create these, so you can make them over the festive season.

Little Olly Bobs loving his Christmas related new toys!

Everyone arrived and we all hugged, laughed and soon were ready for my Mama Bears yummy cooking. The table had been set in such a stunning way and only when a family member commented on how beautiful it all looked, did I realise how my Mama really does know how to set a scene for such an occassion.

My man looking very happy after he’d had his presents from Santa!

I represented the grandparents who are sadly no longer with us, by having the standard afternoon nap after the dinner.  Oh yes I did it, I curled up on the sofa whilst one of the many Chrstmas films overtook the TV and snoozed for a bit.  What a blessing that is! I can completely understand why they do it because afterwards I then felt I could keep going for longer…. I guess the other way to look at is that maybe if I didn’t get up so early, I wouldn’t be so sleepy but where is the fun in that?!

As you can see there was plenty of meat… and there will be lots of sandwiches made up over the next few days! I won’t moan at that as it was delicious!

To complete my wonderful Christmas day, I snuggled up on the sofa with my loved ones. We all caught up, watched some TV… then I hit the hay ready for some Boxing Day Sale Shopping… I do hope you saw my How to Boxing Day Sale Shop video?!  Don’t forget some sales start tomorrow so it may come in handy!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day spending some time with your loved ones, and appreciating what a wonderful time of year it truly is!  

Merry Christmas from me!




  1. December 26, 2012 / 9:44 pm

    Merry Christmas Miss Beanio! Did Santa perchance bring a new camera..? 😉

  2. December 26, 2012 / 9:52 pm

    Merry Christmas lovely! How did you guess?! Xx

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