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New Year, New Me…New hair?

Every New Year, like many I always think of how to re invent myself.  The last few years have been weight loss and getting fit but now I have that sorted…. what can I change now? The obvious choice would be beauty and style, and one of the things I’ve always been pondering is changing my hairstyle….

I could go for a new colour or maybe a totally different style… but what?! There are so many to choice from but a pixie haircut is amongst one of the most beloved hairstyle at the moment. If you love short hair, you’ve definitely wondered whether you’d look good with a pixie cut, but the dilemma is even greater if you happen to have a round face like me….can it work for you?

Finding the right pixie cut for round face can be a bit of a challenge which is why taking a few key tips into account beforehand is always recommended.
One of the reasons why pixie haircuts for round faces can be such a challenge is the fact that typical alternatives tend to accentuate roundness, rather than elongating the face to give the illusion of length, which would make it closer to the oval face shape which is usually considered ideal. 

Don’t worry though: there’s a way to rock a pixie haircut for round face: choose a style that can be styled to have volume at the crown. This way the desired effect will be easier to achieve.
Though it might seem like a pixie is synonym with effortless style, that’s not really the case.  

A perfect person to look at with fabulous pixie hairstyle, is of course the beautiful Frankie from The Saturdays.  I am very aware she doesn’t have a round face but the core principles are there for generating a fantastic look. 

Okay so if we’re looking at more rounder faces then there are two beautiful actresses that spring to mind… Ginnifer Godwin and Michelle Williams.  Both of these ladies really worked their pixie hairstyles. 

So how do you get the perfect pixie look? Aside from frequent haircuts, your hair texture might require additional commitment for styling. If you have fine hair you probably won’t have to worry about this aspect but if you have been blessed with thick hair this is something to take into account. 
With these two aspects in mind, you can begin narrowing down the selection of styles even further. From classic to edgy and everything in between, the tempting options are fairly diverse so keeping in mind styling preferences, lifestyle constraints along with other relevant factors is definitely important!

You don’t want to chop off your lovely locks only to discover you don’t have the desire, time or energy to style it perfectly every morning.
One of the main things that has always put me off is the fact I can be somewhat lazy with my hair and do like the fact at the moment, I can put it in a bun if I don’t have time.  Also it’s useful to consider whether you like to play with texture or prefer the contrast given by a fab tone? Depending on your habits, one might be preferable to the other, so take time to consider as many important aspects about going for a about pixie cut for round face as possible to ensure you won’t end regretting your choice after the euphoria of the style makeover begins to fade. 

Whatever you decide to do always do your research first. If have been wanting a pixie hairstyle for quite some time then go for it, however if you just fancy the idea then think about it properly first.  A prime example of jumping into something is once upon a time I had a fringe cut in, but I never had the time to style or look after it properly so it truly looked silly.  To be honest these points go for any hairstyle you have, you can make it look fantastic if you have patience, so If you have the time to rock this hot pixie look then go for it!




  1. December 21, 2012 / 10:21 pm

    I love your hair as it is and don't think you need to change it, but you could totally rock a a pixie look. x

  2. December 21, 2012 / 10:23 pm

    Never know until you try, You only live once, and we've all survived the end of the world, what do you have to lose ? 🙂 x

  3. December 21, 2012 / 11:38 pm

    Very good points! 🙂 who knows its whether I can stop being lazy and style my hair each day…. Xx

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