The BBC Good Food Show Winter 2012

If you’ve ever met me you will know I’m not a fantastic cook, I try… but I get frustrated very easily. I am extremely blessed with a boyfriend who is a superb chef so don’t usually have to worry, however as many will know this year has been a year that has made me take a step back and take notice of looking after my body.

I want to eat as well as I humanly possibly can, but without breaking the bank. 

I’m not talking about eating foods that are advertising they’re low in calories but then cheekily full of chemicals and sweeteners, I want to have a diet where it is naturally low calorie and allows me to get all the vitamins and minerals my body desires.

When I was invited along to the BBC Good Food Show Winter – I was very excited and also intrigued to see what sort of food would be there.

Setting off early on the chilly Saturday morning myself, Gingeybites and two friends of ours, started our journey to Birmingham.

Eagerly we trotted to the exhibition halls to start our day. It was already full of people and all four of us had the kid in a sweetshop syndrome, with so many exciting places we didn’t know where to start! 

There were a variety of talks going on throughout the day, (along with all the food stalls) we managed to catch one of the main shows sponsored by Tesco Real Food in the Super theatre. 

There were a variety of other talks and demonstrations, including MasterChef Experience, The Great British Bake Off, and there was even a talk from Le Gruyere next to The World Cheese Awards exhibition.  

I’d honestly never seen so much cheese – it was quit fascinating to see the varieties out there.  Obviously you couldn’t try any, but there was enough cheese related food stalls that were giving out samples. 

One place I did stumble across was the Bendylegs Granola company.  Now like I mentioned I am trying to eat as healthy as I possibly can, and with some supermarket cereals you often will find they are full of sugar.  With this in mind I have been hunting for a new cereal to have that is healthier for me.  I got talking to the lovely lady who owned Bendylegs and she was explaining how they try to make their cereals healthy but also tasty.  I have a pack to try and will be reviewing it in a post on the healthy breakfasts, so watch this space!

Mrs Crimbles was there selling lots of their delicious items!  I am a huge fan of their macaroons and rice cakes which are gluten & wheat-free.  Something I started this year is to try to limit the amount of wheat and gluten containing products I consume…. I bloat and always feel uncomfortable after I’ve eaten, so normal cakes and biscuits tend to be off the cards.  Mrs Crimbles have a lot of flavour to them even though they are free from wheat and gluten…. I can’t tell a difference but I certainly feel it!

Whilst we are on the topic of sweet things, I honestly enjoyed every single mouthful of this Simply Ice Cream.  They were given out as tasting pots in their Choco cherry fudge tastic flavour and seriously I don’t think I’ve ever loved a pot of ice cream more!

“In keeping with our beliefs that simple, natural food tastes best, we
have created a range of ice creams that are made using natural locally
sourced ingredients (where possible), home-made flavours and free from
additives or preservatives. Our Ice Cream is still made the old
fashioned way, by hand in small batches.”

After reading the text above on their website… I think I love the company all the more!

As we continued to browse the stores (and graze on cheese and sausages!) we came across a company quite local to us in the East Midlands. The company was called Spicentice and it was such a colourfully stand, all I wanted to do was go home and cook something flavoursome.  I have got one of their kits to try out – so I will no doubt be telling you all about my creation! 

I’m not a big drinker at all, but I do like a good gin and tonic every so often.  Me and the girls tried The Portobello Road Gin and my goodness we couldn’t quite grasp our tasty it was!  Gin fan?  Make sure you have a look at them.

As I mentioned above, I’m not a big drinker but loved the gin and then fell in love with this liquor!  It was a very bizarre occurrence but I really did enjoy them both.  It was lemon and ginger… and my word I could of happily sat there and indulged more!  Domaine de Canton was extremely warming as you drank it and blooming with lots of flavours, if you are off to somebodies house for Christmas I think this would be a fantastic token of thanks!

I love a good coffee, so do most people – I used to drink proper coffee but now only drink decaf.  If like me you drink decaf you’ll be aware that often enough it can lack any flavour, so when we stumbled across the Philllips Senseo stand I was immediately intrested in their new gadget!  It was a smooth looking coffee machine with little pods you put in, I asked to try the decaf option and was very impressed – it was delicious… better yet I was told that the decaf was created in a non chemical way… winner winner!  I’d just like to see how easy it was to use when I got home! 

I had a fantastic time with my three very good friends, seeing a mixture of foods to buy and try. If you are interested in expanding your taste pallette I truly reccommend going, I have now come across some good healthy companies that I will always use.  I finally feel like my diet can change for the better… and no doubt I will share this all with you when I get cooking!

The next BBC Good Food Show embraces The Summer and is on at the NEC between 12th and the 16th June 2013. Click here to find out more. 



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