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What do you want from 2013?

Me rocking a bonnet whilst wearing a nightie..  the days before school.

You may have read the title of this post and thought this is going to be a deep, reflective one,  well to an extent yes but there is valid reasons behind it.  I simply want to promote and encourage good healthy thinking, in order to achieve a optimistic lifestyle for the new year.

Something I’ve constantly struggled with is a massive lack of self confidence…now to look at me and how I come across, that might be something you may be shocked at but it’s extremely true.  According to my Mama bean I was such a happy confident little girl until I went to school, but I somehow I seemed to continue to lose confidence, and only since starting my blog have I started to slowly gain it back again.  I found writing really helped me to relax and get all the things off my chest, it also encouraged me to try things I hadn’t before.  
I remember going to my first ever blog meet on my
own and not knowing anyone, the train journey there was awful as all I
could do was sit and worry.  I am not 100% sure what I exactly worried
about but it was along the lines of, have I worn the right clothing?
what if they hate me?
It’s quite daft when I see those worries looking
at me on this page, but you can’t always help these things, we just have
to learn to get over them for the next time.

Again I know this sounds all deep and reflective but
as some of you that know me you’ll be aware, I have really fought hard in
2012 as I’ve been poorly.  Hopefully that will all change this year but
it did put my entire life into perspective, I decided to push my
boundaries and gradually step out of my comfort zone.  I went to more
random blog meets and press days in order to make me become confident… when I was sat on the train home
from The British Fashion Awards I giggled to myself thinking how had I
just done that?!  The me a year or so ago wouldn’t of gone for the sheer
fear of the ‘what if’ and self doubt that surrounded me.

Looking forward onto 2013 I have decided this is the year to focus
on my learning, and what new skills I could develop.  I know everybody
is different and some people are content in going to work, coming home
and being with family… to me I can often become quite flat about life
when mine does that, so I need challenges and goals to aim for. 

I previously have listed goals I realistically knew I’d never do, so what was the point? I think I was just trying to make myself feel better… instead this time I’ve set great goals that I’ve discussed with close friends and they want to join in too.  I am happy in my own company but much prefer to share experiences with family and friends… I bet many of you do too. 

I jotted down some of my personal goals and you’ll see there is actual engaging goals and ones that are for my personal development.  They are just a few I’ve planned for this year – but all quite realistic!

I am very happy with these goals and feel somewhat excited about getting started! My goals may alter slightly when I move into a house, as I want to grow my own veg and start learning about keeping a garden.  You don’t even need to set goals for the start of 2013, but it can often keep you thriving in achieveing things just don’t be unrealistic in what you aim for.  A prime example for many people will be losing weight or getting fit, but if you’re wanting something that is nothing you are familiar with, then my advice would be to set an initial smaller goal then build from there.

Maybe try saying to yourself that you want to start doing one class a week of aerobics, or trying that salsa class you always wanted to go to…  We know they’ll help you gradually lose weight but it takes that pressure off you, and instead you’ll find you enjoy the experience they offer and might even make new friends! Bonus!

I always have to snap myself out of my ‘flat’ mood and realise I have so many lovely people around me, and that there is so much to do and see in this world. 
If you want something you really can achieve it….just take a deep breath, get your jotting pad and pen out and away you go!





  1. December 29, 2012 / 4:30 pm

    I love this post – your goals are really good too, I especially like the surround yourself with positive people too. I heard some advice similar to that a few months back and have really tried to concentrate on it since then, it does make you feel much healthier and I think it's changed my perspective on life and my personal relationships!

    So true about setting yourself smaller goals too, its kind of like stepping stones to get you to your bigger overall goal!

    Great post gal! I love your blog and never would have guessed you suffer with lack of confidence, you come across as so bubbly and friendly, I can't imagine anyone ever disliking you!xx

  2. December 29, 2012 / 7:53 pm

    Hey Sasha, What a lovely comment.
    I think its great you have surrounded yourself with positive people – thats my major goal this year! What are your goals?
    Thanks hun. People on Facebook often think that friends are v.confident when they arent. Its crazy isnt it?! xx

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