A Guide To Happy Feet

I don’t do cold weather... I don’t do cold weather but only if I’m not in the suitable attire.  If I’m bundled up and warm then I am a happy bean, but if I’m wearing a summers dress in the snow (not that I would) then I’ll have a paddy about how frozen I am.

One area I quite frankly cannot stand to be cold is my feet, this last week no matter what I’ve done I can’t seem to get them warm at all!   I believe everyone should invest in decent footwear for such chilly weather, you wouldn’t dream of heading out in the snow without a hat or gloves on so why not be thinking about what footwear will keep you warm? If you’re looking for boots to still be fashionable whilst it’s cold, then wedges are your best friend but opt for the ones with lining inside and with regards to slippers not only is it fabulous to get home from work take your shoes off and slip your feet in to sheer comfort, but if you get a good pair – you feet will be toasty warm!

I wanted to just highlight how cosy these slippers from Love from Australia are, I just want to get a mug of hot chocolate, pop on my PJ’s, slip these gorgeous slippers on and snuggle in front of the TV!  Bliss!

The slippers are simply amazing but what about for everyday wear, then what?  Well the same company have some gorgeous wedged boots called Nova II

Love From Australia – NOVA II

You can buy a pair of Nova II from the wedge collection and if you enter code:
LOVENOVA  at the checkout to get £100 off and free shipping! 


offer expires at midnight tonight plus the first 10 customers to the
checkout will get a free pair of sheepskin slippers (worth £99)!

We all need a good pair of boots and slippers in this weather… so get shopping!




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