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Andrex Washlet Wipes

I love nothing more after a hard days work than to jump in the shower or indulge in a long hot luxurious bath, but sometimes there just is no time to enjoy such a thing.  So what do you do if you want to freshen up and go out but don’t have the time? Apparently wipes are the way to go – pop them in your handbag or have one of the boxes next to the toilet… but do they actually work? Andrex got in touch and asked if I
would review their new Washlets and so I decided to give them a go. 

To enlighten you a little more about Andrex Washlets, they are
flushable toilet tissue wipes and are designed to be a little extra step
and addition to your existing beauty routine. 

“The wipes are
pre-moistened and designed for use alongside your regular dry toilet
paper to feel
extra clean and fresh. Andrex® Washlets are skin pH neutral and dermatologically tested.” 

The packets arrived and so I popped them next to the
toilet.  When I first opened it up I smelt a gentle clean aroma, this was because the wipes had a very light cotton-fresh fragrance which wasn’t
overpowering that it could be irritating. It felt a bit bizarre to begin with but I can honestly say I felt better and cleaner
for doing so! It wasn’t just me who liked how clean they made you feel, because I found out house guests had been having a
crafty test of them too! 

You can purchase these fabulous wipes from any major supermarket, they come in both a moisture retaining tub and you can get refill packs of 42 flushable wipes.  I love the idea that I can refill the tub I have next to my toilet but equally so I can pop a pack in my handbag for on the go! 

You may or may not have seen the lovely face of Dawn Porter holding a pack of Andrex Washlets on poster or a TV advert, but she has embarked on a Clean Campaign with the goal of converting as many people to use Andrex
as she possibly can. These ads show Dawn visit people in fitness classes, antenatal groups and even some on special dates to
help ‘change what the nation means by clean’.   

If you pop along to the Facebook page you will discover numerous pictures and videos of her campaign journey, and getting as many people involved as possible.

Make sure you check back tomorrow as I’ll be launching a brand new competition! Don’t miss it!



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