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Like many I have new years resolutions coming out my ears. I can never decide where to begin so I went for the top of my list –  1.Get out in the fresh air more.   

I spend the majority of the time stuck behind a desk
or trotting along the pavements near traffic… not the nicest way to
live, so I decided I’d grab the dog and take him for a New Years day
walk across the fields. 

I wasn’t 100%  taken by the idea of walking as a hobby, because I dwelled on typical stereotypes and thought it wasn’t for me.  I personally like to walk with a purpose and not just for the sake of it, therefore me walking the dog on fun adventures was going to be ideal.  Both myself and the pooch get a walk and we also have sometime in the fresh air.  If you don’t have a dog pick somewhere to walk to such as a cute tea room or a gastro pub for some lunch?
With this all in mind I’ve listed my essentials to get for walking.  I have listed below my shopping essentials for dog walking walkers. 

  1. Walking boots
  2. Jacket
  3. Hat & Gloves
  4. Socks
  5. Jumper
  6. Leggings or trousers


One thing that has been the biggest blessing is some decent walking boots, and I didn’t spend the earth.  These leather brown ones I have are from Hi-Tec which you can get from places like Newitt for a bargain of £34.00.  These Hi-Tec Eurotrek Ladies Walking Boots are super comfy, so you can walk for hours and I find the leather ones look super stylish as well.

Ready for a chilly but sunny morning walk


Personally I don’t particularly like specific walking trousers because if say for example I am doing a walk to a nice local pub, walking trousers don’t tend to visually seem the best.  I often go for some comfy leggings, jeans or if the weather is awful then I’ll find the appropriate trousers. 

You need to wear items you don’t mind if they get wet or muddy


I love coats and wearing a luscious looking mac or elaborate jacket, but dog walking (or walking) isn’t practical to venture out in such an item. You need a coat for dog walking that is practical but still looks good.  The one you see in my photos is one from Ripcurl, now I know such a brand is for snowboarding or skiing but if you get one that isn’t too padded, you’ll be onto a winner! Have a look on Surfdome if you’re looking for a stylish yet practical coat.

Hats & Gloves

Obviously you won’t need these in the summer time, (I bloomin’ hope not) but getting a good hat and gloves will keep your fingers and ears toasty whilst you venture regardless of weather.  You can get proper walkers hats and gloves from places like Millets, but if you don’t want splash out try New Look or Topshop for some stylish numbers! 

It can be very muddy – just see what New Years Day was like!


One thing I hate is having cold feet, so it’s always good to get some well made socks to cuddle your toes!  You can proper walking ones from your high range shop, but my advice would be to head into your local TKmaxx, as they often will have some snuggly walking socks at a fraction of the price.


I always wear some kind of knitted or fleece style jumper, If you dress everything else ideal for walking and then just let your top do the talking.  If say you’re in your wellies and you decide to stop off and have a cup of tea at a country pub, then you want something to make you feel good – a fabulous jumper is the way forward! 

Dog Walking Jumpers

Slouchy sweater
£45 – topshop.com

G Star Raw collar sweater

Embroidery shirt
£62 – topshop.com

Roll neck sweater

Marc by Marc Jacobs cable sweater

Christmas Jumpers & Novelty Knits for Women 2012


As always I have lots of New Years plans but getting out in the fresh air is a top priority, and if I get to spend time with the dog and the ones I love then it’s an added bonus!  Walking doesn’t have to be old fashioned and frumpy, you can be warm, dry and still look fabulous!  




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    Hi Annie, found your blog from your message on heartifb and I love it! I'm pretty new to the blog party so it's refreshing to get so much help from the community!


  3. January 7, 2013 / 4:20 pm

    Haha I know he is a cutie. Keeps you fit as he's so energetic! xx

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