Springtime Snow

Have we done a rewind?  I was pretty sure it was officially Spring the other day and we have just had a fair bit of snow!  Are we back in January?! I feel like I can’t shop much at the moment because the items on offer are all ready to boost SS13, when really we’re still needing AW12…  I’m either hibernating or flying south for the winter next time!

My typical rants about the beautiful British weather aside, this weekend me and my man were on dog duty.  I do love doing dog duty so the little cheeky chappy that is Olly, was going to be spending time with me and my other half for the weekend whilst my Mum & Dad were away. Olly is 3 years old and is a bit like rain man by this I mean he is a bit odd, for example he will growl and frantically wag his tail, or on the flipside he would happily walk himself home or to my sisters house without any guidance! One of his more dippy sides tends to occurs when snow pays a visit, as when he sees it…well he eats it! Goodness knows why but it makes walking him quite a task as he doesn’t move much just eats, so walking him this weekend was going to be a challenge.

Aroma Sheep Slippers
Can’t beat the Aroma Sheep Slippers!

We went up on the Friday and spent the evening mostly walking, watching films and snuggling on the sofa with Olly Bobs.  I mainly spent the entire time in my PJs and sheep slippers! 

Olly is a bit like a small child as he always wants to be right beside you as much as he can, this is lovely but obviously come bedtime can be an issue.  Olly has a tendency to howl at night which can be a serious pain when you want to sleep, I know many will be saying surely he shouldn’t be doing that at 3? That’s right he shouldn’t, but he was the runt of the litter and the breeder hand fed him, so he is heavily reliant on people.  Getting to the point Olly didn’t howl once or make a single sound that night, so we were able to sleep perfectly! 

snow uk
When we woke snow had absolutely covered everywhere

snow uk

After being jumped on, frantically licked and wagged at by the dog, we got up had some breakfast (the dog too) and we decided to watch some TV before looking to head out.  Funnily the one who is usually super excited gave me a face I’ll never forget, and just to add I’d even said the magic word, ‘walkies‘.

dog sofa
The expression speaks for itself: “I’m going no where”

We wrapped up with many layers and instead of my trusty Hi-Tec walking boots, I thought it was best to head out in my Hunter Wellies with my oversized snowboard O’neill jacket.  I did try to get the dog to wear his very basic coat I got for him, but Olly thinks he is too cool for that! If I’m honest I don’t really understand dressing animals up, however it was freezing so he could of done with something extra to wear but Olly is a bit of bruiser and makes a point it’s not for him.

snow footprints

As you can see walking towards the fields from my house it was covered in snow, luckily the dog didn’t do his eating snow trick and appeared to be happy trotting and running about. 
When we got back we three dried off, made a hot drink and went back to the sofa to spend the rest of Saturday watching Sky Movies!  Rock and Roll! 

Someone was very happy to be back in the warmth!

The dog pretty much spent the afternoon sleeping, I guess he’d ran so much he was worn out! I spruced my nails up with some Chanel 455 nail polish, ready for our get together that evening with friends including Gingeybites and her mister. 

Chanel Nail colour 455

We had a lovely evening on Saturday with our friends, we drank wine, played on the wii and generally had a bit of a giggle.  I won’t lie I’ve felt very tired today as we didn’t actually get to bed until gone 4am – just for the record I haven’t done that since I was in uni! So today me and my mister had a lazy morning, then popped to good old Tesco and grabbed some bits for making a proper warming Sunday dinner…. 

home cooked roast

I think that is my que to go chill out for the rest of the evening, as Monday draws ever closer and we don’t have long left!  Have a great week everyone, maybe soon we will see lamps leaping in frields, bunnies hopping and flowers blooming…. well we can dream can’t we?!




  1. March 26, 2013 / 6:47 pm

    Thank you 🙂 fab blog! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. March 26, 2013 / 6:47 pm

    Thank you 🙂 fab blog! Thanks for stopping by xx

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