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The OnePiece Slackerlife Challenge

I do love a good challenge and you’ll possibly be aware of my previous interactions with Yourvine. I loved taking part in their #BestNightEver Fashion Challenge, and was rewarding fantastically for completing my tasks. 
Yourvine has now set a new challenge which invites OnePiece fans to join forces and take part in The OnePiece Slackerlife Challenge. In return for completing up to 5
levels of challenges, you can get some epic rewards!  So I hear you’re asking what do you have to do and what do you win?

Rewards can be a 20% discount, Beach Break 2012 tickets,
£160 gift cards or a signed OnePiece Jumpsuit signed by Snow Patrol! I think you’ll agree
they are 

pretty amazing prizes! 

 There are a number of levels you must complete in order to be eligible to get your hands on the prizes… 

Level 1.  Slacker Wisdom

For your first task you get to show off your creative side by sharing
your words of wisdom! Choose your favourite font and background to create a
poster using the provided Slackerlife tool and add your text.  Your wisdom
will be added to the OnePiece Slacker Manifesto to be seen by people from all over!

If you’re already wondering what you’ll do, then have peek at the other ideas on Pinterest here   (   Once you’ve created your image of Slacker Wisdom… get sharing it with #slackerlife


Level 2. Soundtrack to Slackerlife

I love chosing my ultimate soundtrack music and I’m sure many will agree, with this next task you get to share your favourite Slackerlife video to the Yourvine interactive music directory! How exciting!

Level 3. Slacker Hangouts

Where do you like to hang out? Better yet what’s your ultimate Slacker hangout?

Submit the name of your slacker hangout, a photo
that you have taken and a description of why you love it so much!  Maybe its a place you have breakfast at after a big night out…say at your Nan’s, or having a lazy Sunday in the local park or your garden with your friends… the possibilites are endless!

Level 4. Spot the OnePiece

This is your chance to spread the OnePiece Slackers message!  

You could be rocking your OnePiece whilst on the train with the commuters, or maybe down Oxford Street with all the shoppers, you could even be stood on the top of a hill, at your local park in a bright coloured OnePiece when all the Sunday morning dogwalkers are about…the possibilites are endless!  Once you have chosen your theme submit a photo! Yourvine suggest maybe you could get a friend to shoot the photo
from a height so they can see you standing out from the suited and booted crowd.

This particular level will be rewarded with two
tickets to Beach Break Live 2013…..but only if you’re the most impressive!

Level 5. Join the PieceKeepers and spread the message of Piece       

For the final challenge you need to embrace the Slacker message. 

You could be anyone on a daily basis but Yourvine want you to transform to Slacker in 60 seconds!  You could be a banker, a nurse, a lorry driver… maybe even a ghostbuster by day, but they want you to submit a video showing you go from your day job to Slacker – make you do it in 60 seconds for your transformation!

 If you love a OnePiece, fancy winning some fabulous prizes and love a challenge? Then this is for you!  

 You can find out more at Yourvine OnePiece Slackerlife Challenge page. 

I will be taking part so watch out for my tweets and updates on my levels too! 


…Fancy a challenge then?!




  1. March 8, 2013 / 4:22 pm

    Have a go… you never know what you may win!

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