Eating Well, Eating Fresh

When it comes to cooking I absolutely adore it, but sometimes during the week when work is tough, I’d rather have a bowl of cereal or hit the ready meals.  I know this is a massive slap wrists but cooking a good meal can take time, effort and drive.  

I’d seen many companies that do a gift box subscription service and even some with ready done meals, but none of these particularly appealed until I came across Hello Fresh.  This is a meal service with fresh and local food so you’re eating healthy and reducing your food footprint too. Basically how it works is you can select from a 3 or 5 day meal plans that come to your doorstep but unlike others this is all the fresh ingredients uncooked. 

Now I know many will be wondering what’s the point if it isn’t ready to go? But I assure you it is still an easy process.  The wonderful team at Hello Fresh have recipe cards inside the boxes with the correctly measured out ingredients inside, meaning you create your meal with their fresh produce – added bonus its all weighed out so you know your calories! 

I was sent a 3 day meal box from Hello Fresh to try out.  Being totally honest when I received the box I felt slightly worried by what elaborate creations I was going to have to make. Once I digested the information in front of me I began my three days of cooking….

 Day1: Cod with truffle mash and roasted leeks


Day 2: Thick cut pork chop with sage butter and new potatoes

Day 3: Chicken yakitori with crispy red onion and sweet and sour noodles

There you have my three meals made with fresh ingredients; around 400 calories and took 40 minutes to create. I honestly would seriously consider doing this again as its like a cheats way to be healthy – you’re getting great food they’re just telling you how to do it!

As I mentioned before, you can get a 3 day or 5 day meal plans and you get this for 2, 4 or 6 people.  There isn’t any subscription, it’s very flexible and they offer a veggie box too.  One thing I love about their website is that it shows you what you will be getting the next week, so you can get excited about what you’re cooking!

If you fancy giving Hello Fresh a go you won’t regret it… it’s such a genius idea! 




  1. April 21, 2013 / 5:30 pm

    Hi! Just found your blog -and love this idea! I try to make most of my meals fresh but sometimes it's such. an. effort. Is this expensive? I often think eating fresh/organic comes with a pricetag so would like to be pleasantly surprised?

  2. April 22, 2013 / 3:15 pm

    Honestly I did think it would be a hassle but it was soooo easy.

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