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Goodnight Sweetheart

Whenever I go to bed my head is usually still racing from the day I’m a about to depart from, whatever I do I find it quite difficult to unwind and this is something that is common for many. I have managed to curb mine slightly by following the various points below before bed.

  • Turning all media items off at least an hour before bed 
  • Always diverting my mind to reading a book 
  • Having some camomile tea 
  • Listening to calming music 
  • Yoga at least an hour or so before

This is all fantastic and really does send me off for a good, healthy sleep but doesn’t always work.  The main issue I do have is with my posture, as every single morning without fail I’ll have neck ache and will always find that my sternum needs to click, which can sometimes be quite painful.  Over the years after it bothering me I’d finally made my peace and decided it was just one of those things, but a few months ago I had woken up in the middle of the night and found my head was right at the bottom of the pillow, so was in a really awkward unsupported position.  No wonder I had so much neck ache all the time! I initially decided it was the kind of cheap pillows I’d had and decided to invest in some duck down feather ones.  As comfy as they were they just weren’t supporting me at all and I finally hit home that absolutely nothing was going to work

The day I received an email from Octaspring was the day I’d woken with awful neck and shoulder ache, making me extremely grumpy! When they asked me to review one of their pillows I jumped at the chance as I figured I may as well try.  Octaspring has a range of four memory foam
pillows that feature the same technology that exists in their
mattresses, and so it offers you perfect neck and head alignment when you
sleep whilst still offering you the comfort of a traditional pillow.  If it could support my neck more than others I’d tried I’d be over the moon… but I was a bit skeptical.

I popped the pillow into one of my cases and put it on top of my other remaining pillow, but this made it too high up for me to sleep so only had the Octaspring pillow on its own.  This was a weird concept as I always sleep with two pillows but really wanted to give it a try.  


Octaspring pillow

Dormeo Octaspring Evolution Plus

When I lay back onto the pillow immediately my head and neck sunk into place and suddenly felt very supported.  According to the Octaspring website all pillows are made from one material that delivers the same support to the head and neck, whether its goose down, polyester fill or memory foam, but these will only ever support either head or neck – they won’t support both… perhaps the reason I had been having so many issues. 

“Octaspring pillows use a firm pillow-spring to support under the neck,
and soft, breathable memory foam pillow-springs for the head. It is the
perfect combination. An Octaspring pillow respects the natural
physiognomy of your vertebral column to provide good sleeping posture so
you wake up ache-free and well rested in the morning. A simple idea
that makes sense.”

So away I went to the land of nod and I can hand on heart say I have never slept better.  When I woke up I still had my full head on the pillow instead of being slumped off and I had no neckache what so ever. Unlike memory foam pillows you don’t leave a heavy print or feel you are stuck in one place after sinking into the pillow, it keeps the shape but you can move easily and still feel supported.  I’ve continued to use the Octaspring pillow and have constantly had great nights sleeps every time.  The best thing for me is knowing my posture is benefiting from this as well, as I don’t find my sternum clicks which I think stems from my unsupported neck. 

I have never really invested a mass amount on pillows or mattresses as it’s not particulary top of my list, but after realising what a difference this pillow made I started to think how important getting a good nights sleep was.  You spend a fair amount of your life in bed so really you should be investing in quality products, well this was my frame of thinking… I honestly will really consider buying a pillow for my boyfriend and looking at their mattresses – if the mattress is as good as the pillow, I’m never leaving the bed! 

If you’d like to find out more please visit the Octaspring website.



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