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Beauty Review: Scholl Express Pedi

The sun is starting to emerge, the blossom is finally on the trees and I am overdue to switch to my SS13 wardrobe.  One of my favourite things about the switch is changing my shoes, by ditching my boots I can finally opt for ballet pumps and sandals.  With the change over I always get very self conscious about my feet. 

Now I’m not the biggest foot fan and I especially detest my own feet.  They never look as good as everyone else’s, they dry out easily and with running and generally being on my feet lots – they certainly look worn.  

Please excuse the horrible pictures of my very dry heels, but it helps emphasize how bad they actually are. 

I decided this year I was going to be well prepped for the sandals.  I’ve used foot files and creams before but they never seem to really help so when I saw the Scholl Express Pedi device I wanted to give it a go. 

Scholl Express Pedi

After work the other evening I took off my socks and set up my foot beauty area.  When I took the Scholl  Express Pedi tool out of its packaging and turned it on I will admit I felt somewhat scared, it was rotating and at some point going to make contact with my foot.  Hesitantly I slowly raised my very dry heel and slowly put the rotating file onto it, initially I was extremely careful but as I started moving around my heel it felt much better.  I applied a light to medium pressure.

One thing I did discover was always having a towel or a tub to catch the dry skin, there will be a lot which I know that’s quite disgusting, but rather it be off than on… 

So you keep going until the dry bits have gone but be sure not to do this if you have cracked skin.   Then voila you are dry skin free!

I have been in a constant battle with my feet for years and this is honestly the first time I’ve that my feet are publicly worthy to be on display!  I’ve been using this once a week to maintain it and it is really paying off. 

You can get the Scholl Express Pedi from Tesco or Boots for £39.99, which may seem quite expensive but if you fork out for a treatment at a beauty salon, then you’re saving yourself a vast amount in the longterm. 




  1. May 10, 2013 / 6:03 am

    This sounds so good! I really dislike getting my feet out if they're dry haha I hate that look when people wear sandals!

  2. May 10, 2013 / 8:18 am

    I know, I'm totally foot conscious! It's great thing to use as I simply every Friday evening, (especially with summer coming)I'll sort my feet out and then I'm happy for them to be exposed!

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