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The Triathlon Cheerleader

If any of you have been following me on Twitter you’ll know the last few weeks have been madness!  If you haven’t been in the loop via @missanniebean then basically I have been tweeting about something triathlon related.  My crazy boy is training to do the iron distance Challenge Henley, so he’s clocking up other races in order to prepare himself… and I am his cheerleader!  He completed the half Outlaw Triathlon and also The Blenheim Triathlon within a week of each other…as I said crazy boy!

The first one was the Outlaw Half at Holme Pierrepont in Nottinghamshire. We decided as the weekend weather was set to be good that we’d camp,  I was rather excited as this was the first time our tent was going to grace the light since last year.

This was the first triathlon he’d done this season so I was eager to let him relax as best he could. He had a super dooper early start (as I did too!) and was up at 4.45am… yes 4.45am.  

We decided to pop into Nottingham centre to The Riverbank for a little drink before settling in for the evening… afterwards we were both snuggled up in our tent like two very content old people with blankets and cups of tea.

I’d forgotten how many people take part in triathlons, it was only when I saw all the bikes racked and all competitors ready to get into water, did I realise how many were so committed…. or just mad!  

I was a very proud girlfriend,  he had cracked a half iron distance triathlon. He said he felt positive about the full iron distance but wanted to do a few more in between.
Even though the one in Nottinghamshire was the bigger challenge, as a spectator I was really looking forward to the beautiful scenes of the Blenheim Palace Triathlon.  

The beauty of the Blenheim Palace Triathlon was that it wasn’t a full day and therefore me and the man got to indulge in the local surroundings afterwards.  It was the perfect day as for being a good girl (and supporting him) I was escorted to Bicester Village.

I’d been rebelling against most stereotypical triathlete widows by wearing a dress for starters, but to be honest I was happy being colourful instead of in dog walking clothes.  I was the only girlfriend/wife in a dress and I quite liked that.  

triathlete widow

Fossil Marlow
Fossil Marlow Crossbody Bag – £119.20 (RRP £149.00)

After the race I changed from my Topshop sundress to my Whistle + Wolf Garden Print Dress (as above) and that’s when we headed to Bicester Village. You’ll notice my stunning crossbody bag by Fossil which is from Bagable, this little gem came into my life just before the first race so I decided to take it it with me. I didn’t want to carry my normal over sized bag so selecting something compact was a great option.

I always cart my entire life in my bag, I’m a bit like a goldfish when
it comes to bags so the bigger the bag is the more stuff I’ll keep in
it.  I wasn’t 100% sure how I would get on with this size/style but the
colour had me at first sight, and surprisingly it was great for running to various view points during the race.  I could get my iPad mini, keys, make up, phone and purse all in there. It was ideal… plus the smell and feel of the leather is like no other.

I love my new aqua coloured fashion companion. This bag has been amazing and I’ve been really impressed with how I can fit so much into it.  There were so many more bags by Fossil at discounted prices on Bagable… only issue was choosing which one!

We ended our weekend with drinks in Villandry then travelled home.  I couldn’t resist taking a snap of this gorgeous sunset whilst we drove. The next triathlon in the Cotswold’s, let’s hope the weather stays chirpy for that too.




  1. June 29, 2013 / 10:22 pm

    Love you rebellious widows outfit! Looks very pretty. The colour of the fossil bag is gorgeous too

    Rianna xxx

  2. July 3, 2013 / 10:07 am

    Thank you! I love my Fossil bag – can't live without it! xx

  3. March 19, 2015 / 6:34 am

    You really such an epitome of beauty. would you mind sharing with me a bit of your bad past relationship? I love the first picture, you look good.. You can follow me on instagram (kressike1)
    Hoping to hear from you soon xx
    Hughes xx

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