Get hot with Zaggora

I do a variation of exercise and one of the added bonuses is buying
exercise clothing! I love to be vibrant,
quirky and more importantly comfortable in my outfits, so you can imagine my
excitement when sports company Zaggora got in touch.

I had read about their innovative clothing but never thought
any more of it.  Only after reading more
about what the benefits were did I become far more intrigued.  Did it help you lose weight like I’d heard?

“Our research shows that the use of a Zaggora top and bottom (“Zaggora
Hotwear”) during exercise, at an appropriate level of intensity and while
remaining well hydrated, may help to increase both body temperature generation
and the rate of calorie burn.”

Zaggora Hot Pink
Zaggora Hot Pink – £50.00
Zaggora Leggings
Zaggora Flares 2.0 – £70.00

They supplied me with a top and some leggings to try out with my
exercising.  When they arrived I was
rather hesitant as the material felt like something you’d go snorkeling in, the fabric
feels a bit like the lining of a wetsuit. 
The plus side to this is that the garments stay tight and in place. 


The Zaggora items come in a variety of styles and
colours.  I went for the Hot Top Pink
vest as I do like anything that stands out. 
The tops come in various shades and slight variations on a vest
top.   The bottoms are mainly capris but
they are all quite exciting either in colour or again slight tweaks.


I slowly began introducing them in my fitness regime, so to
start with I opted for the vest top whilst I was having a run in the gym.  The first thing I immediately noticed was the
noise it made.  The fabric is flexible
but not flexible enough so it’s a bit more coarse in how the fabric feels –
thus making it slightly noisy.  I’m
probably not explaining myself very well but it is the same sound you have if
you are walking about in a wetsuit! The main thing I was felt was very insulated but not uncomfortably so.


The next thing I noticed was the fact that a normal everyday
jog I’d do easily I suddenly started to sweat. 
I don’t usually sweat I just feel warm but I was sweating quite a lot.I must admit I really did feel like I’d pushed myself on what would be an easy run,  I was really shocked at how hot and sweaty I’d got… meaning it had worked me harder that I do normal.

Round Up

I have found that since using Zaggora I have actually shifted those annoying pounds I was aiming to ditch.  My fitness routine works for me and it is one that I really do enjoy but I obviously don’t push myself, so adding in Zaggora has really worked me.  The only down fall I’d say is that I can’t wear the top and the bottoms together because they don’t seem to like each others company, one will ride up because of the friction from rubbing especially if I’m running.  I wear one or the other now and that works absolutely fine.  I  also noticed my skin was much better as well with how it felt and my patches of cellulite were much more reduced. Very impressed plus I’ve got less embarrassed about sweating so much because it’s paying off!

If you’re eager to test Zaggora for yourself their prices range from £40-£80 for each item.  That may seem quite steep but it’s most certainly an investment! 

Have you tried it, or do you want to try it?  What are your thoughts…


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