Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.

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Tales of the Seaside

Well readers I must apologise I have been quite slack in the blogging department!  I haven’t been able to write to due to my constant gallivanting off to do this or that.  *Slap wrists*
None the less I am home now and even though the madness of moving house is still on the cards, along with hen dos and festivals… I’m actually able to sit still for a while.

My last adventure was to Torquay with a group of friends which included fellow blog and bestie, Alex from Gingeybites.  I have never really done a group holiday before and this one was three couples, to be quite honest I was slightly worried about it being 2’s company, 3’s a crowd but fortunately it wasn’t like that. At first it was getting used to everyone’s ways and personalities but towards the end of it we were all used to each other.  You may have even seen images of us supporting a collection of moustaches?!  I’m taking full credit on that one!

I don’t usually do British holidays mainly due to the hit and miss weather, if I go on holiday I want sea and more importantly sunshine and the UK isn’t always the best choice.  
We were staying in a plush apartment overlooking the sea and even though the Torquay centre wasn’t the hot spot to be in, we all had a really good time…. possibly down to the vast consumption of alcohol and copious amounts of food indulgence.

I absolutely fell in love with the cutest tea room in Torquay called Burridges.  It had bunting and little cupcakes, tea cakes and uber kitsch decorations scattered about. 

The gang and I decided to pop in for a spot of afternoon tea.  Clotted cream, delicious jam and freshly baked fruit scones?  My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it. 

We also ventured to nearby places Brixeham and Dartmouth.  When we ferried over to Brixeham I finally felt like the typical seaside holiday was in front of us. It was the cutest place ever; little boutiques, ice cream, proper fish and chips, which all provided us with a buzz.  I decided I had to have fresh seafood (always best to be had whilst at the seaside) and I wanted to try crab for the first time. I had a gorgeous crab salad whilst sat looking out at the sea… I must admit this was bliss.

Please excuse the next few paragraphs but I’m going to sound like a right piggy…

I ate what feels like every item you should have only as treat!  Firstly ice creams at Brixham made with proper scoop ice cream were on a whole different level from any I’d had before – I had turkish delight flavour!

Along the way (not in the same day) we had classic seaside fish and chips.  Having never had fish and chips by the seaside I could honestly say it was the best I’d ever had – the fish was so tender and tasted fresh and delicious.  We all absolutely loved this meal. 

As I mentioned we had moustache night where we made a big paella.  I’d spied a pack of 6 moustaches from Poundland and thought they might be quite fun to wear during the evening… I think the photos tell the story a bit better…

Food aside, (I’m not even going to mention the silly amount of cornish rattlers) I found dressing myself each day was a tough task.  Whenever I go abroad I love to wear my little dresses and make an effort, but in the British weather it wasn’t quite how I’d planned.  It was sometimes windy and a bit chilly so opted for comfort over anything else. 

One of the days we went for a lovely walk to a pebble beach so I wore my Superdry Dance Dress*.  This dress has a 1950’s vibe and even has my favourite additional to any dress – pockets! 

Superdry Dance Dress – £49.99

I felt this was ideal because it was long enough not to get blown up by the wind, (keeping my dignity) plus it looked feminine and it was classically flattering. 

 As you perhaps know I always like to make some kind of an effort with how I dress, and this was the perfect balance for walking around too.

Other outfits included my little denim shorts, my North Face body warmer, (I adore this!) my Joe Browns floral dress, then on moustache night I wore my Celine top, leggings and my oversized cardigan. This was the night we played Lyric.. have you played
this?  Initially when Web was explaining it to us we all were quite
confused, but as we got started we all got really into it! 

On one of our days we visited a place called Badgers Holt and some gorgeous woodland scenes.  We had a picnic lunch nearby ponies who had recently expanded their families.

On our final day we went to Occombe Farm for the local market.  I love to get some local produce and support local businesses, so this was a prime opportunity for that… plus we got to visit the animals! One stall was Blueberry Bros who created all things with blueberries (if you hadn’t guessed) from jams to tarts there were some great items.  Myself and the boy shared a blueberry brownie… no joke this was the best brownie I have ever had.  I may need to attempt to recreate it!

Joe Browns Days Gone By Dress – Now in the sale for £23.95

I won’t go into to much more detail about the holiday but it was great spending time with my wonderful boyfriend and friends.  We are even talking about next years holiday along with other adventures! Tres exciting!

Have any of you been to the seaside for a holiday?



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