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Review: Bistro Live.. Leicester

Oh! What a Feeling Dancing On The… Tables

I’ve reached that age when most weekends are dedicated to hen dos and wedding it seems.  Slowly but surely more are creeping onto my calendar but to be honest, I find it all very exciting mainly because the whole point is just to have fun with friends. 

The last one I went to was at a place in Leicester called Bistro Live.  Having lived in Leicester previously 10 years ago, I could only recall vague bits from my previous experience I had there but nothing really had an impact.  Admittedly I believe it was a work meal and we had a table full of very unenthusiastic people, so hopefully for a hen do this experience would be far more engaging.

Just incase you can’t tell I used make up to create my leopard spots!

I had my invitation and was prepared for an evening in ‘Jungle Explorers’ attire, after careful discussion it was going to be a mixture of explorers and animals.  I use to dress up all the time during university but don’t now so I decided I’d go to town a bit with my costume.  I was going to be a leopard.  

Dressed and ready to go I was the last to arrive at the venue, I’d got the handy Kinch Skylink over to Leicester (yes dressed as a leopard) and was very eager to join my buddies with the evenings activities.  On entering there was a sea of big tables and the majority were hen dos or birthdays, each with an excitable bunch of attendees nattering and giggling with each other.  As first impressions go I was impressed with the general vibe I received, along with the warm reception I got from staff. I got there late and was directed to my party without an hassle. Everyone had ordered and paid for their drinks and I was about to do the same when I realised I hadn’t withdrawn any cash, so I sorted out a tab with the waitress which again was hassle free… although I did forget my bank card which was easy to sort out and  collect the next day.

The Food

After sitting down saying hellos and squeaking about each others outfits, I was informed we were about to order from the menu.  The food choices weren’t over the top or breathtakingly extravagant but there was definitely something for everyone. I ordered the items in purple.


  Roasted plum tomato soup with vibrant basil oil. V

Juicy summer fruits set in a berry syrup and served with wild fruit coulis. V

Pan-fried three cheese and spring onion potato cakes with sweet chilli drizzle. V

Gammon and parsley terrine, served with wedge of char-grilled bread, baby leaves and mustard dressing.

Fresh salmon and prawn tartlet with creamy lemon and chive dressing.

 Main Courses

Salmon and spring onion fishcakes served with a creamy watercress sauce, parmentier potatoes and seasonal greens.

chicken breast with a light parmesan sauce, served with crisp potatoes,
pan-fried green beans and sauteed cherry tomotoes.

Medium spiced beef Rogan Josh, served with pilau rice and crunchy poppadom.

Fresh tubes of penne pasta tossed through a creamy tomato, spinach and mascarpone sauce. V

Leek and mature cheddar tart served with steamed green vegetables crisp parmentier potatoes and a white wine and herb cream sauce. V



Individual treacle and orange sponge pudding served with crème Anglaise. V

Traditional summer pudding served with a mascarpone cream. V

light refreshing cheesecake made with whipped cream, low fat cream
cheese and lemon zest on a buttery biscuit base, served with fruit

*Please note that some dishes may contain nuts or nut traces.

Evening Activities

After starting the meal I was really impressed with actually how tasty it was, the chicken I had was really tender and as for the pudding?  It was a great combination that was absolutely delicious. The good thing was the meal wasn’t too heavy which made it ideal for cocktails and dancing later on.  

As the pudding plates were cleared we went up for group photos by an external photographer, these could be purchased later on in the evening.  It is a shame the Bistro Live doesn’t have it’s own photographer on site as we would of like to view all the photos on their website. 

After the photographs we sat back down to relish in some wine whilst socializing amongst ourselves.  As this happened one of the members of staff came around all the tables with a big jar of marshmallows, like the games you used to play as a child the aim was to guess how many marshmallows were in the jar!  In the end one of our party actually managed to guess it correct and won a drink on the house. 

The music was starting to get people onto the dance floor with the standard easy going commercial tunes and grantees to get people dancing.  After a bit of bopping we were asked to take part in a quiz, scrambling back around the table we all listened eagerly for the questions.  There were clips of music with the purpose to guess the artist and the song, It was a mixture of old and modern music – a super way to involve all different ages and also get the clogs turning! Alas we didn’t win but we all laughed so much at our random guesses, proving it was an inventive way to get great group interaction before the party really started.  

 The Staff

The staff were wonderful – I simply cannot fault any of them.  It was really pleasing to see the general manager Adam, getting involved with the floor staff. He was bringing food out, taking orders and chatting to guests.  Most places tend to have their managers hidden away so this was such a positive thing to see… they all even got involved with our hen do antics!

The best part (and what I’d heard numerous rumours about) was the fact you could actually dance on the tables!  After a while we all started to get up on the tables and have a dance.  I was a touch skeptical about how safe it was but after trying to dance whilst holding my drink, I was politely informed no drinks whilst dancing on the tables.  Seems pretty fair especially if you were a touch wobbly by this point of the evening. 

Tribute Nights
Hen Parties

Birthday Celebrations

Bistro Nights


Bistro Live is not only in Leicester but also in Nottingham and Milton Keynes, each of which offer exactly the same service . Hen parties like ours comes in 3 different packages with prices starting from £28.75, that price includes 3
course meal, entertainment, wine/beer/cocktails upon arrival
and your table decorated with deluxe hen night balloons, party
poppers, confetti, sweets and bunting

If you book before 31st August for your Christmas party in January or November, you can get a tasty 20% off.  It’d be great for a girls night out at Christmas time… may have to organise a local bloggers get together! 

Had a sneaky peak at the Christmas 2013 menu, looks scrumptious to me…what do you think?


Hearty winter vegetable soup topped with beetroot and parsnip crisps V

Festive honey-glazed ‘pigs in blankets’ with carrot and brussel sprout mash, mini roasts and turkey gravy

Smooth chicken liver and garlic paté served with tangy cranberry and red onion chutney and chunky toast 

Pan-fried three-cheese and spring onion potato cakes with sweet chilli drizzle  V

Roast plum tomato soup garnished with swirls of thick double cream

Scottish salmon and baby prawn tartlet with zesty lemon cream dressing and hand-picked leaves


Main Courses

Poached salmon and spring onion fishcakes dressed with a creamy dill infused sauce and crisp parmentier potatoes

 Traditional Christmas dinner served with all the trimmings
                 A choice of roast turkey, roast chicken or vegetarian nut roast                   

Succulent braised beef in a rich full-bodied red wine sauce served with glazed root vegetables and herbed mashed potato

Tender tubes of penne pasta tossed through a creamy tomato, spinach and mascarpone sauce V

Oven-baked leek and mature cheddar tart served with crisp parmentier potatoes and white wine sauce V


A selection of freshly prepared desserts

Round Up

On a final note I was pleasantly surprised about my experience at Bistro Live Leicester.  I won’t lie this is not like having tea at the Ritz it’s somewhere that If you’re after a giggle, good food, drink and a dance… then this is the place for you and your party.  The venue is primarily dominated by women and I said before it’s mainly hen dos and birthdays, but if you are looking for a cheap night out for a celebration then it’s absolutely perfect.



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