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Ilumi Review: Gluten, Nut & Milk Free

Not sure if it’s just one of those things as I’ve got older but some types of food really unsettles my tum.  I have never been confirmed to be intolerant of anything or have IBS but sometimes you know that it isn’t right and I esecially get this issue with takeaway food.  I’m not sure if it’s down to how it’s cooked or certain items in it, but it will always leave me bloated and feel far from sexy.

 I was asked to try Ilumi food box and see how I got on with it, so as a prime opportunity when a rare Friday cropped up where both myself & the man were off, instead of reaching for the phone and calling for a curry instead we had an ilumi treat.

Ilumi offers the convenience of naturally gluten, nut and milk free meals delivered to your door. We had Thai Red Chicken Curry with Yellow Basamti Rice along with two Celia beers.  

I think there is this perception that any ‘free from food’ lacks any flavour, so I was very eager to see if this was going to prove that idea wrong…

The pouches can be microwaved by just tearing a bit of the top and that’s it! I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and as it only takes a few minutes I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long.

The curry was delicious with lots of flavour – the chicken was really tender and tasted high quality.  I was interested to see what my boyfriend thought and to my surprise he loved it.

Overall I’d say the Ilumi pouches are a great, they are still flavoursome but less calories and they don’t contain any of the culprits that create an upset tum!  I will honestly be trying them again but for me they’ll be my heathly swap from a takeaway.

Ilumi main meal pouches cost £3.75 but soups and sauces are around £1.50. There are a  variety of items to try on their website and if you spend over £35.00 you get free postage. 

For flavour, ease and free from… these ilumi pouches are the way forward. 



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