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Riot Of Colour Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols

My friend Jodes and I were staying in London to celebrate our ten year anniversary.  We’d first met at university, and that’s right it’s been ten years since then… I know, I know I don’t look a day over 21! What can I say! afternoon tea riots of colour

 We decided it would be wonderful to make a weekend of it and head to London… and what a better treat than to go for afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols. Towards the beginning of September Harvey Nichols just launched it’s Riot of Colour Afternoon Tea.

Each Riot of Colour Afternoon Tea includes:
– A choice of tea from the Riot of Colour range
– A selection of sandwiches
– Homemade scones with Harvey Nichols Riot of Colour preserve and clotted cream
– A Selection of cakes

• £18 / €22.50 per person.
• £22.50 / €27.50 per person with a box of Riot of Colour Tea of your choice to take away
• £24.50 / €30 per person including a 125ml glass of Harvey Nichols Champagne

I’d booked our table for 3pm which was perfect as after our exhausting morning shopping, so a spot of brunch we were ready for a sit down. 

After getting delayed by tubes we both finally reached Harvey Nichols London Fifth Floor Cafe. Both lugging our suitcases and feeling flustered from panicking about being late, we got there and were greeted by smiling staff making us immediately relax… plus the gorgeous chilled champagne certainly helped!

Afternoon tea that starts with champagne? Well this was already looking promising for the rest ofour treat! We sat down and started to browse the menu of what was included, we did spy lots of other plates of goodies coming out to customers so we took a quick peak at the normal menu – trust me when I say that there are some delicious items at very reasonable prices. 

The Tasty Tea

You could select tea from a wonderful variety, this was to have whilst enjoying your afternoon tea and you also got a box to take away with you!  The flavours included;  

  • Prime Time
  • Get Happy
  • You Beauty
  • Dream On
  • Peppermint Power
  • Pep Talk
  • Daily Digest
  • Green Machine    

I decided to go for Dream On tea as it was camomile and lavender. Which sounded delicious! You can actually buy these Harvey Nichols exclusive teas in store. 

The Delicious Sandwiches 

When I saw the sandwich list I was slightly worried for my friend as she has some food intolerances, luckily when we read through the menu it showed which ones were gluten free, dairy free, nut free and alcohol free… what a fantastic idea!  

  • Green tea smoked salmon, rapseed and wasabi mayonnaise, rye bread 
  • Poached chicken and avacado oil pesto, soft roll 
  • Cucumber, mascarpone, and poppy seed classic sandwich

The Yummy Cakes 

 The cakes are what afternoon tea is all about!  I loved the interesting selection of flavours and textures with this one. 

  • Orange, polenta and acacia honey cake 
  • Hibiscus and rose tea scented macaroon 
  • Carrot and coconut cake 
  • Lemon grass and ginger jelly

The selection of afternoon tea goodies arrived on colourful sliders with each item from the menu looking better than I imagined.  Both me and Jodes started with the savoury then headed onto the sweets, one thing we both noticed was how light it all was.  A lot of afternoon teas can really sit on your stomach but this didn’t feel like that all.

As we spoilt oursleves with a fluffy scone, both me and Jodes thought the mini pots of Harvey Nichols jams that accompanied them were a cute touch! As we indulged we discovered from a member of staff that everything on our colourful board was created in house rather than bought in… somehow that made it all the more scrumptious!

Texting and tweeting our friends about how fun our afternoon treat was!

 Indulging in some Dream On tea

saw a number of people taking advantage of the new Riot of Colour
Afternoon Tea
, with Mothers and daughters after a
shopping trip and friends like me and Jodes in for a catch

cafe itself is the ideal setting for this stylish experience with an
accessible layout and some some tables outside that overlooked London.
  The beauty of this particular afternoon tea was that even though we were in Harvey Nichols it didn’t feel intimidating, which I was slightly worried it could be. Overall it was truly exquisite but quite relaxed at the same time,  It was stylish, chic and a modern swing on an afternoon tea… the perfect partner for a fashionista or those wanting something new from a traditional afternoon tea experience. 

forget you can book yourself in for a Riot of Colour afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols, have a look on the website to see if your store is hosting it. You can recreated your own with the Riot of Colour teas, biscuits and
jams… So no excuse not to!

Do you fancy the Riot of Colour Afternoon Tea




  1. September 26, 2013 / 3:50 pm

    This looks like such a lovely experience!! I'll have to check it out next time I'm in London! Also, I genuinely thought you were about 21/22 haha!

    Looking forward to meeting you at the #eastmidsmeetup later this year 🙂
    Saadiya x

    • September 26, 2013 / 5:14 pm

      Saadiya… you have made my day! Hopefully when you meet me you'll think I look as young in person! 🙂

      You must try it, it was such a treat without being too much xx

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