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caseable Customized iPad Case

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 If you know me you’ll know that my iPad is my must-have accessory, it literally comes everywhere and because it’s so compact it slides easily into my handbag for when I’m on the go.  I’ve had the very basic plain covers before but never found something that was ‘me’.  

caseable got in touch and offered me a iPad mini case to review. Now my iPad mini has been deprieved since I got it because I couldn’t find a decent case anywhere so just opted for a plain one. 

The idea behind caseable is that you can get your creative hat on to innovatively design your one off custom case, they do laptop sleeves, smartphone hardcases, Kindle covers, eReader covers, tablet covers, iPad covers and phone pouches.  You can use their selected images from a variety of designers or just upload your own creations or photos.

Caseable iPad Mini

Ipad case

ipad case

With mine I decided to chose from caseable’s selection of images and to be honest I was desperate for some arty floral image so this was a keeper.  I loved the fact I can completely chose everything myself and I even had my name on the back just in case I lost it… or a family member decided to snaffle it!

review ipad caseable

The prices vary for each type of product but for a pre-designed or custom designed iPad case its £44.90.  I must admit initially I was a bit put off by the price but I can honestly say the enjoyment factor or becoming a designer was fantastic!  The quality of the piece is great too and I love the fact nobody else something like it.  

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  1. November 18, 2014 / 4:52 am

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