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#FiorelliExclusive Vivi Grab Bag

I’d like to introduce my gorgeous fashion partner in crime – Fiorelli Vivi Grab Bag.  A beautiful bag by Fiorelli, which you may have seen appearing on twitter and instagram throughout my fashion week adventures…

 I was asked to showcase in a post how I like to style my Fiorelli handbag and being that this beautiful bag is in colours perfect for AW13, it makes styling it with my outfits extremely easy! 

 The beauty of this particular bag is that even though I initially used it at London Fashion Week, it doesn’t have to be the type of bag only used at top fashion events, it can be used as an everyday bag too.  It’s quite a classic designed bag but because of the  burgundy teamed with the monochrome, it makes it stylish yet fun and the ideal arm companion for AW13. 

1. Outfit 

Outfit 1 was used at London Fashion Week,  I decided that even though the weather wasn’t bitterly cold I’d still embrace the monochrome trend with a winter coat, I then added my velvet leggings, mint strappy sandals and finishing off the look with a splash of burgundy from the Fiorelli Vivi Grab Bag. 

Outfit 2

Even though this is still for a fashion event, London Fashion Weekend is completely different to actual fashion week.  I find that fashion weekend is like a high end Clothes Show as essentially it’s a fun day out with shopping for you and your friends.  

My outfit for this was far more casual as after the fashion weekend we were off into London for more high street shopping and a spot of afternoon tea.  I love to throw on my leather biker jacket to make any outfit casual and young, it goes with my monochrome floral print chinos, black chiffon top, brassy toned jewellery and topping it off perfectly with the Fiorelli Vivi Grab Bag. 

 The bag has joined me most places since it came to me in September, although it’s a wonderful accessory for fashion related events it works perfectly for absolutely everything else! 

Rockin’ on forward for Vivi

From now on for the rest of AW13 Vivi is joining me everyday, the three core colours mean it goes with all warm tones for this season, so  I’ll be putting it with my A-line dress, thick tights and brogues but equally so it’ll go with my plain tshirts, chunky necklaces, jeans and boots.  It’s so diverse it’ll work with everything I want it it!

 Vivi bag will be joining me to work mainly but will also accompany me to most other outtings.  The only reason I wouldn’t use it is if I am cycling into work, and I haven’t quite figured out how to cycle with a handbag yet! 

Being brutally honest about myself, when it comes to bags I’m like a goldfish… I expand to the size I have, therefore when my bag is huge I’ll put more stuff in it making it harder to find.  The beauty of the Vivi bag is it’s not oversized but it’s not pathetically tiny, I can easily fit all my work bits in there; including my iPad, diary, lunch, purse, keys, make up etc.  

  Vivi joining me for Saturday morning coffee

I absolutely cannot fault this bag at all, smooth leaher in AW13 colours and it is the perfect partner in crime for absolutely any occassion.




  1. March 13, 2014 / 6:51 am

    Such a wonderful leather handbag displayed above I must say. Leather Handbags are in trend today and they are being part of unique fashion and add style statement to everyone's look. They are pretty and stunning. I even have one which I found from I use it plenty and it holds up well. The bag is in yellow color and it goes along with every outfit. I have got a lot of compliments on its eye-catching yellow color.

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