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Sweaty Betty ‘Against The Elements’ Press Event SS14

If you know me you’ll know I love to keep fit and be healthy but I absolutely love throwing fashion into that mixing bowl.  Whenever I think of fashion and fitness the first and only brand that springs to mind is Sweaty Betty and that is why I’m it’s number 1 fan!

The other week I was invited to their press day to preview items for next season, so obviously I couldn’t wait to see what was in store with their ‘Against The Elements’ collection.

SS14 Fitness

I got to the central London location and from entering the showroom all I could see was lots of colour and fun patterns everywhere.  I immediately felt inspired with sport again after feeling a personal slump in my training and all I wanted to do was get training.

The theme for this Swetty Betty collection is ‘Against The Elements’ which is a collection inspired by the wonderful British outdoors.  Like many previous seasons the variety of pieces cater to a multitude of sports; yoga wear to running and outdoor training to

Sweaty betty Blog

 We had a blogger challenge of creating a look with the items on display, the one whose look was selected would win a special prize.  

In theory this worked in my head but to be quite honest it really looks awful on me! Ditch the trainers and you’ve got a great yoga outfit but in this picture I’m really not doing the items justice.

wanted to capture that feeling of fighting against the wind and the waves,
against the elemental forces which can be so strong out at sea and not giving
in to them,’ says Tamara, Founder and Creative Director of Sweaty Betty.

I loved the oversized tops in delicate tones which were perfect for yoga practice, but then there was bright pieces ideal for running.  Apparently Sweaty Betty has collaborated with the English National Ballet for the
second season to offer a ballet inspired dance offering, there are all the items for the needs of dancers with legwarmers and leotard. 

Sweaty Betty Triathlon Suit

My favourite piece was the Sweaty Betty triathlon suit which was amazing. Normally triathlon suits only come in dark colours but mainly black so seeing this fun tri-suit was fantastic!  I have a triathlon next year in June so this will 100% be on the shopping list! 

The thing I mainly love about Sweaty Betty is that even though the collections are innovative and fashion forward, they still always exceed the technical boundaries for sporting clothes each season.  I loved last season but I can honestly say I’m so excited about SS14 and the items that are coming to the shops…  

Do you like Sweaty Betty?  What do you think of SS14? 



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