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The Oxford Street Debenhams Makeover

Whilst I was in London the other week I was invited to visit the newly made over Debenhams store on Oxford Street. After undergoing a major revamping in 2012 the new look store was officially reopened the other week.

mens bowtie

There was an event for bloggers to attend to celebrate Todd Lynn’s collaboration with Debenhams, but unfortunately due to my train home I couldn’t attend so instead decided to go have a sneaky peak at the revamped store.

The wonderful press team escorted me around the various departments along the 5 floors.  I’d already had a flavoursome coffee in the basement coffee shop, where to be quite honest I didn’t feel I was in a Debenhams I felt like I was at a plush tea room.  Whilst we explored I came across one of the two restaurants which looked super sleek and very inviting, I only saw a few ediable items on display but what I saw looked delicious. 

We continued to explore the along the 5 floors and the main thing I noticed was how easy it was to locate brands/items you were looking for.  It really didn’t feel like any standard department store!

London Bloomingville

As you may be aware I bought a house this year so a lot of my time and money has gone into making that a ‘home’, so instead of turning my nose up at house related brands I literally jump at them!  This one I spotted whilst venturing about Debenhams really caught my eye, it is a company called Bloomingville and is absolutely full of interesting pieces perfect for home bits!

mannequin plus size

As we continued on I just had to take a quick snap of the first ever plus size mannequin, she is the 3rd along and looking beauitful in her ensemble! 

There was even a complete bridal area which makes it easier for shopping for your wedding dress. It had a seating area and even though it was in a department store it was tucked away giving brides to be an intimate, relaxing experience.

make over debenhams

Last but not least I wanted to take a picture of the 5 floors from a basement view… doesn’t it look wonderful? You can see at the top there is a glassed roof which would normally let in bundles of light, however being that it’s winter by the time I visited it had already gone dark.  The one thing I will say is that the new Debenhams is so bright and spacious it makes your shopping trip far more relaxing and you’ll want to literally spend the day!



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