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As some of you may or may not be aware I am due to be doing Blenheim Triathlon this year in June,  I know nuts but I wanted a challenge.  I haven’t really kicked off training due to the fact I’m currently injured but instead of complaining I’ve decided to be optimistic and simply plan for when I’m fixed! 

yoga stylee

First things first I’ve created a realistic training plan and healthy diet, as obviously without training I’ve put on a few pounds… I’ve not changed size as I’m still an 8/10 but I don’t feel as good in myself.  Okay so I’ve established what I want to do but I need the right equipment to get started and for me that beings with the right clothing, the most important is a decent sports bra as without this I’ll be very uncomfortable.

freya sports bra

I was sent a really interesting press release from Freya Lingerie about their new sports bra which really drew my attention.  I absolutely adore Freya Lingerie and absolutely love my Freya Active swimming costume (currently using this non stop!) but I haven’t really used a sports bra so I wanted to investigate.

good sports bra

According to Freya’s investigation Breast
pain is reportedly experienced by over 70% of women during exercise! Ouch!  Which I can relate to as I’m a 32D and when running or doing Body Attack wearing an unsupported sports bra it can really hurt.  

So, sports bra brand Freya Active has launched a
brand new sports
bra which has been scientifically proven to reduce breast strain, pain
as well as movement.  The sports bra features a secret protective moulded layer on the inside which truly helps create shape, give support and seperate the breast during active exercise.

Freya Active project is world leading research as it is the very first
to study the 3 aspects – strain, pain and movement. 


The new Freya Active sports bra reduces strain to just 3% in the inner region of the breast, compared to 28% in an everyday bra.

The new Freya Active
sports bra reduces strain at the nipple to 1%, reducing potentially
damaging levels of strain at the centre of the breast


The new Freya Active sports bra reduces pain by 97%, while an everyday bra reduces pain by only 58%


Testing found the new
Freya Active sports bra reduces independent breast movement. 92% of
participants in testing felt no independent breast movement wearing the

It was more effective
at reducing forwards and backwards movement in the upper section of the
breast than other sports bra styles in the study.


Active’s Design Director Ruth Fox who has over 20 years industry
experience said: 

 “After six years of careful development we are
extremely excited to launch
this sports bra. The bra has been specifically designed to support the
fuller bust and is available for larger cup sizes going up to a H cup.”

Doctor Pixie McKenna commented about the sports bra research:  

seems like the simple solution when it comes to maintaining good
health. While many women
are motived to get out and get active, it may surprise you to learn
that the thing that often holds them back, are their breasts. While
market research tells us that most women experience breast movement
during exercise, new ground breaking scientific research
has revealed there is a lot more going on over and above breast bounce.
It has highlighted that the skin and tissues are under strain during
exercise and this can result not only in pain both during and after
exercise, but also damage to the breast tissues
ultimately resulting in breast sag. Adequate breast support in the form
of a sports bra is an essential part of every woman’s gym kit. But
choose wisely, this research has confirmed that a sports bra needs to
not only control movement but also help to reduce
strain and pain. Make sure your sports bra ticks all the boxes to
enable you to exercise with confidence and in comfort, ensuring you are
doing the best for your breasts.”

Freya is the sports bra of choice by the professionals… the England Netball team only wear Freya Active sports bras so it must be ticking all the boxes!

Freya Active’s new crop top sports bra is £40.00 and available from Leia lingerie, Littlewoods, Less Bounce and Lace lingerie.  I’m certainly going to invest for my training so I’ll let you know if I have too much ‘bounce’.

Over and out. 





  1. January 8, 2014 / 9:30 am

    Please let me know how you get on! My current sports bra is a Freya one and it's good but this one seems even better, I totally want to buy it based on what I've just read! I'm a 32H so I need all of the help I can get haha.

    • January 8, 2014 / 12:45 pm

      Hey Suzy, thanks for stopping by! I will do. What's your twitter name again and I'll tweet you. I'm really hoping it helps with stuff like running!

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