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Snuggled Up With OnePiece

It’s official I am quite skint after Christmas, so to be honest all I’m going to be doing is staying in and indulging in my Sky Movies package. I think sometimes it is wise to actually have some down time and enjoy being in your own home… and well appreciating what you have. 

So what a better way to embrace the ‘staying in’ with a fabulous onesie? Exactly! There are numerous out on the highstreets now but I’m a true fan of the original OnePiece..

one piece best buy

 I’ve selected a few of my favourite (I’m a sucker for the pink ones) but the beauty of  OnePiece is the fact they are unisex.  The ultimate Norwegian fashion piece the OnePiece onesie was crafted by the genius minds of Henrik, Knut and Thomas, three Norwegians in 2007.

onepiece blog
OnePiece Original Azure Jumpsuit

I’d always wanted one, so after a a chilly camping trip I vowed that to get a onesie was a good investment.  I was a bit spoilt for choice on their website due to that fact there was such a vast amout and if design/colour you could think of, but in the end I decided to go for their OnePiece Original Azure jumpsuit – I feel in love with the colour.

One Piece Womens blog

This bad boy came out after Christmas dinner and it was the perfect for chilling out with the rest of the family.

One Piece Review
OnePiece Camouflage Onesie

When I ordered mine I spied this camouflage one that I knew would be perfect for my boyfriend.  I’d struggled with a decent Christmas present and figured (like with me) it would be great for when we go camping… plus he loves camouflage.

camouflage onesie

Looking lovely on Christmas day ready for chilling out.

couples in onesie

Azure onesie

Relaxing the other night with my four-legged friend Olly

I wasn’t sure how I felt about spending that amount of money on a OnePiece, however after trying similar cheaper designs nothing compares to these… if you want sheer comfort and warmth you must invest in this January’s outfit of the month!

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