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Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette Review

I am never daring with my eye make up so when I saw the new Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palettes I was eager to give them a go and see how they worked. As a girl with blue eyes I’ve always been taught that creating a smokey eye is the most suited so having four different shades to aid that was a big plus. 

Body shop have six cube palette shades; warm, blue/grey, pink, green, purple, hot pink and spring bronze.  Each one has four shades of eyeshadow that will compliment a glamourous smokey eyed look with the purple range, another plus was the fact I liked how the shades could be removed as seperate cubes. 

The four shades have a shimmery metallic tone that when put on sparkles very subtly.  Personally how I wore it was starting with the pearly white shade brushed across, then gradually added on the plum and finally deeper tones around the outer part of the eye to create emphasis making the smokey eye.

Usually I would naturally opt for browns but I like how fun yet subtle these shades are.  They are very soft to touch and almost feel like they could be an eyeshadow creme even though they aren’t.  The smooth texture helps them blend in better helping to create your perfect look.

 Learn how to create the perfect look with Body Shop.

The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palettes are £16.00

I gave these eyeshadows a go this weekend on a night out, and instead of trying to cram the four shades in my clutch bag I simply took the shade I required for a quick top up later on.  Quite a genius idea from Body Shop I’d say but amazingly I didn’t need to touch up as the colour lasted.

As I say there are a number of different palettes to chose from but I particularly love this purple one,  it’s very much on trend for SS14 colourful styles so will go hand in hand in creating the ultimate summery look. 

What colours will you be using for SS14?



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