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Care for your wear with LG

When I visited London Fashion week with LG I saw some of the LG Steam
Team in action, with their main purpose to make sure that the garments about
to hit the runway were perfection.  Whilst at fashion week I discovered other exciting things LG had been up to…

LG have just launched a campaign in support of Slow Fashion which is all
about looking after your clothes to ensure a longer clothing life.

How many times have you had colours of clothing run? Or perhaps you’ve
shrunk something? My list is endless so I am all for LG’s Slow Fashion campaign to
encourage looking after what you are spending your money on.  What is
better? Buy the same item numerous times or washing it properly and
having it for much long which ultimately saves you money? I think you
will agree it is the latter…

Did you know that us Brits waste over £2 billion in laundry damage each year?  Plus according to LG we waste a crazy £3,969 in garment washing damage! Imagine how many dresses or coats you could buy with that!

 Tips on how to ensure a longer clothing life

  • Always read the washing label – take care in how you wash it and what with
  •  Read your washing machine manual as it may have specific settings for certain items
  • Sort by colour and fabric when getting your loads ready for wash
  • Don’t overload your machine – I’m awful for doing this! 
  • When you wash wools remember to dry them flat and don’t hang them as they are potentially going to mishap… but you can wash them so don’t be nervous!With this all in mind LG have just launched a brand new washing machine called the 6 Motion Direct Drive, which can actually help you look after your clothes to ensure a longer life and divert away from damaging clothing.  

 If you are interested in finding out more have a look on the LG website to see what Slow Fashion is all about. 




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