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eBay Collections – Fashion, Expression and Style

There are so
many perks of engaging in online shopping, finding items that are
perhaps not in the shops, you can browse more places than you would by
foot and more importantly you can often grab a bargain.  Like many
whenever I think of ‘bargain hunting’ or finding unique items online I
will always think of eBay. 

love affair with eBay started way back in 2003 during my first year at
university, I was absolutely desperate to get some Converse hi tops in
blue and couldn’t find them anywhere on the high street. After hunting
for hours everywhere else I finally found them on eBay.  Just
discovering I could find something that I knew was rare at the time
opened a whole new shopping haven… thus the eBay story of love began!

ebay collections

though eBay prides itself on auctions and giving users the ability to
buy and sell their items, it has just launched a fantastically
innovative way for users to express their creative sides.  What are you on about Annie?
Well you can now create eBay collections, so for example if you are
head over heels for the colour blocking trend you can create a
collection of items from eBay specifically for it!  It is a wonderful
way to give you ideas of what items work for certain looks, but not only
may it help you it might also give others inspiration when they may be
after clothes to compliment the trend. 

ebay blog collections

started trying to create my own collections and I won’t lie I initially
struggled but purely because there is so much to chose from on eBay!  I
created a number of trend collections; Pop Your Colour, Country Charm, Fashionable Florals, New Year New You, Gatsby Glam, Say it With Sparkle, Showing The Love, Stylish Staying In, Welcome To The Jungle, Warmth in Tartan, Classically Chic, The Tea Lady.

I started one I just couldn’t stop and as you can see there is quite an
eclectic mixture, but each one is affordable and very realistic.  My
personal favourites are Gatsby Glam mainly due to my love of embellished dresses that exaggerate being a lady, plus you could find anything from 1920’s inspired beaded dresses from Miss Selfridge to Vintage deco headwear.  However as much as I adore that era of clothing I can’t get enough of Country Charm
because it’s a realistic look for a day to day basis, and don’t forget
you often find big brands have exclusive eBay shops with discounted
items just like this Joules jacket featured in the Country Charm collection. 

collections from ebay

When I was having my usual eBay browse for purchases I saw this stunning Boo Hoo Chloe Heart Print dress from the Boo Hoo outlet, it was on another eBayer’s
collection (soon added to mine!) and when I saw it knew I had to have
it. The wonderful thing was that they had teamed it with a bag and shoes
I never would have added, but it really worked making me thinking
differently about how I might style it in future.  

making an ebay collection It’s
such an amazing concept when you think about it! Let’s be honest fashion
trends can sometimes confuse you with where to even begin shopping, but
gaining some style inspiration from others is perfect.  Perhaps you’ve
seen a top you love but can’t find it anywhere or maybe you just want
something similar. You can search to find a collection of that trend and
possibly discover gems you’d never even thought of… how fantastic!

On that note I need to get shopping… I’m on the hunt for a pastel
collarless jacket but I’m not 100% sure what other items to style it
with, so I’ll consult eBay fashion inspiration with some other
collections!  I’ll let you know what I discover!



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