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Superdry Press Day AW14

Aw14 superdry

In the past I have collaborated with Superdry on a number of posts but haven’t done anything recently, so when I was invited to their upcoming press day for their AW14 collection I had to go.  superdry casual

superdry universitySuperdry used to just ofer a very casual loungewear style collection but over the seasons have grown and grown to explore other avenues. leather jackets superdry

sequin skirt aw14

This collection of items were boasting lots of texture mixes with the likes of leather that is embellished or sequins on knitwear and so forth. winter knitted

Apres ski clothes

Superdry Jumpers

I was told that Superdry are due to launch their ski/snowboard wear and as both a boarder and skiier I’m really excited about what they have to offer.  Plenty of Apr├Ęsski wear which is good to see, as looking stylish on the slopes should be a priority but so is looking good off the piste.   

It’s no denying their twist on classic knitwear with flashes of bright colours is a big step forward for the stereotypical winter tones, keeping all their items on trend and fun without being too risky.  I especially liked how they combined a bit of sparkled thread knitted into the Christmas style jumper. 

winter knitwear

Superdry also had on display items from their collaboration with Timothy Everest which had my attention as soon as I saw it.  This was all featured in the press area near the coffee and delicious healthy breakfast bits, gave me the perfect opportunity to really get a look. 

Superdry Everest

Superdry Sequin Timothy Coat

As you can see Superdry have taken a classic item and literally adapted ever so slightly to create such a unique look.  I’m a huge fan of the woolen blend jacket teamed with simple silver sequins, but there were also darker jackets (like the one in the campaign photo) with simple bright fuschia pink on the colour.

From what I saw for the AW14 collection I can honestly say I’m truly impressed with how far Superdry has come over the years.  It has really evovled and shown it isn’t just a ‘young’ person targetted brand, in fact it stretches quite easily now to someone a bit older with its tailored jackets and casual workwear too.   Very impressed!  




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