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Blog office: Stationary

You may have seen a number of snaps circulating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of me revamping an old wooden desk.  I am still in the process to complete this as I continue to make my very own blog office and I am making it super stylish!  

purple revamp desk

old new desk

I’ll be posting about the desk, how it was created, what is being put in my office and the final look, but as I’m currently working with a laptop on my lap I’ve started getting items in order to be a more organised blogger. 

Blog office

I used to love as a child getting stationary from WHSmiths, I’d like to get all items from the same collection and would love having them all pretty and ready for school but as I’ve got older I’ve never taken the time to invest anymore. 

I discovered Australian company called Smiggle (loved the name so was instantly intrigued!) and liked all of their fun stationary bits. You can get anything and they are all in bright fun colour and styles, which is perfect for us bloggers with creative flare! 

Smiggle Review

Smiggle pens

 Who says you have to be boring with your pens?!  Scented and glittery – yes please!

Purple Headphones

They don’t just do your standard stationary they also do headphones, which in my eyes should be an office must. If like me you do music reviews, or perhaps you do you tubing or maybe just want to listen to music! Headphones have been tested and they are absolutely amazing, plus very comfy which is great whilst tapping away on your keypad.

smiggle case

lolly pop rubber

I love these erasers… I must admit I did think it was an actually lolly pop when it arrived! The whole range of items are fun without being too childish, obviously some are primarily aimed at children however there are plenty for every other age.

big mistake

Smiggle items can be bought from their new UK shops in Stratford, Reading, Brighton and Kingston.  Have a look on their website to find out more. 

These quirky and cute items are going to be popped on top of my newly revamped desk (once I’ve finished the last coat of paint) and when we are all moved in I will give you a guided tour of my new Blog Office!  

Have you created a blog office?  If so what are must have stationary items? 





  1. April 1, 2014 / 5:10 pm

    I love getting new stationary so this website looks amazing! I really like your desk project, it's going to be great having your own space to blog – perfect! Lianne x

    • April 4, 2014 / 8:23 pm

      I know Lianne I cannot wait! Just got to get it all glossed now then moved it upstairs… watch out for my final post on its full transformation!

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