You’d think with the amount of activities I do on a daily basis I’d get to 10pm and be out for the count, however this is unfortunately untrue and quite honestly I suffer from disturbed sleep.  Don’t get me wrong sometimes I’ll go straight off to sleep but often I have night terrors, nightmares, nocturnal seizures and insomnia… so just to name a few!

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When I was younger I used be overcome with fear about being the last one awake, so with such anxiety I’d always wake in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep.

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Like with my epilepsy I have to stick to a strict daily routine in order to maintain ‘normality’ with my day to day life.  I can’t eat unhealthy items, I can’t really drink caffeine, I shouldn’t be using electronic items after a certain time and so on, but once I seem to have resolved a good sleep pattern I’ll fall off the waggon and keep re offending doing things I know I shouldn’t.charlotte street junior suite

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I received an email last week from Febreze in relation to their brand new collection of Febreze Sleep Serenity items, which are all geared up to create a tranquil smelling space for you to sleep in.  As you can imagine I jumped at the chance after having a week from hell.

 Recently I’ve not been looking after myself, stressing, worrying, feeling anxious and generally starting to become a bit down like I used to.  I knew it had to stop so I didn’t fall back into the bad thinking pattern like I once did when the world was on my shoulders, so decided to see what they had planned and embrace it.


dr guy meadows book review
The Sleep Book by Dr Guy Meadows – £9.99

Dr Guy Meadows who is the author of The Sleep Book was offering his advice of how to gain a good nights sleep.  In preparation to the run up to us staying away after taking a survey, I discovered I am a ‘Walking Zombie’ sleeper… in other words very disjointed sleep.  

Off I went to The Charlotte Street Hotel just round the corner from Goodge Street station for an evening full of relaxation.  With Mummy Bean joining me I was ready to go and relax after what had seemed like a bundle of stress.  

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Reading before bed really settles the mind

The evening had all been planned out for us in the beautifully designed hotel with a light meal followed by a film and a good nights sleep.  We checked in at the hotel and were escorted to our suite, which might I add had its own floor… I was made to feel at such ease I was immediately relaxed on entering!  

The room had goodies scattered all around for me to find and all were to aid me in getting a good nights sleep and have a relaxing experience.

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Annie Bean does hotel reviews

 The room decor was spectacular (just like the rest of the hotel) and looking out the window I felt like I was viewing a scene from Mary Poppins!  To be honest I didn’t feel like I was in the busy city of London as the whole room was total bliss.

All around the suite, aromas of lavender and jasmine laced the air making it already a calming setting for our evening.  My mum was shattered from juggling all her work and I was mentallu exhausted, so we were both very ready for this and quickly settled in for the evening planned ahead.  It was really refreshing for once that neither of us had organised anything ourselves, because that’s pretty much what we both do all the time for everyone else.  We could finally be selfish and but ourselves first.

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Eye masks are a super way to block out any possible light to ensure a good nights sleep

The list was endless for what to watch but after carefully browsing through we decided (my favourite film) The Devil Wears Prada. After our food was delivered and we’d finished watching Eastenders, we curled up to watch a happy and light hearted film.  

Dr Guy’s The Sleep Book gives great tips on how to get a good nights sleep. After always believing that if I wake up it is best to get up make a drink etc, he advises to “instead take a moment to notice how the pillow feels on your face and the movement of your breath.”  He continues onto explain that its aim is to cultivate a gentle relationship with discomfort of not being able to sleep, this is done by telling your brain all is okay and it doesn’t need to keep you from sleeping. 

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before!  You can also find Top Ten Sleep Hits of how to sleep and other hints on the Febreze website.

A wonderfully delicious meal whilst watching a happy film

Febreze has three scents for bedtime; moonlit lavender, quiet jasmine and warm milk & honey.  There is the bedroom mist (normal room spray), bedroom diffuser, and also the bedding spray which to be lightly spritzed on your pillow before bedtime.  
Sometimes some scents can be overpowering and with me cause headache but these were very delicate.

Lavender was scattered across the bed and some surfaces to give off its beautiful aroma

I would be lying if I was to say the Febreze Sleep Serenity collection was the only reason I had a good nights sleep, but one thing I will say is that it most certainly helped.  The bedsheets, the quiet evening, the scents and the general relaxation all played a significant part in me having such a wonderful experience.  

You can pick up Febreze Sleep Serenity products from a number of shops, but don’t forget they have a special Silent night Febreze Soft Touch Pillow, which is slightly scented (and extremely comfy) to give you that extra push into the dreamland.

Sweet dreams.