SmallcarBIGCITY London Review

Whenever I come to London I always say how I’d like for once not be in a rush to get somewhere and to just enjoy seeing what the city has to offer.  When I was much younger I saw places on the open top bus tour, but being honest it didn’t make a massive impact as I don’t remember much. Having nothing planned whilst staying for a weekend in London? Wow what a rare opportunity… I knew I needed to embrace the fact the weekend was mine to do as I wished and a tour of London was top priority. 

After asking the beloved folk on twitter about how best to be a tourist in London, I was told about a small tour company SmallcarBIGCITY.  After investigating further it turned out this was a unique sight seeing company in London that took you around the city in Classic British mini coopers.  I was immediately won over already after meeting our car Rosie… But that wasn’t the best of it….  

Whilst browsing the website I discovered there were a number of tours to go on and some that were themed.  For myself and my man we went with the Italian Job which meant we dressed in blue boiler suits, flat caps and zoomed about the city with our gold in the boot! What a genius theme! 

Booked in and all confirmed by the kind staff we were collected straight from our London hotel, given our travel attire then escorted off on our tour.  The scene was set by our driver Edward, (who might I add also had his Italian Job costume on) and the Beatles tunes coming out the speakers, which all really emphasised the theme all the more. 

 I was mildly concerned that we may be squashed in huge back but if I can get in and my 6 foot boyfriend can, then I don think here are any major problems.  

Edward initially asked where we would like to go but as we told him we were happy with what he suggested, he was more than happy to drive along telling tales of London’s history.  Even though the tours have destination guidelines, each tour is different and can be adapted to your needs.  We absolutely loved our Northern driver who was super knowledgeable on all things London (even when quizzed!) 

I was slightly intrigued as to how such a tour would work but Edward truly took it in his stride, making it personal but also really educationally interesting too. We visited a wide variety of places in the 90minutes, but plenty more than I would of anticipated with the potential London traffic. 

Overall I’d say if you don’t want to be hopping on and off busses and instead want a personal tour with a twist, then I can’t fault SmallcarBIGCITY at all.  With our beautiful car Rosie and chatty Edward it was amazing to zip about – you also get lots of photos being taken of you… You feel like a celebrity! 

Prices vary but this particular tour was £139.00.  

Have you been on a London tour? 





    • April 27, 2014 / 5:41 pm

      Thanks for popping by Corinne. Honestly it is amazing! x

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