Dare to different with Chrysler Ypsilon – Week 1.

You may or may not have noticed but recently
twitter has got really excited with the launch of two new Twitter hashtags #ypsilonvice
#ypsilonvirtue. To bring you up to speed this is a campaign launched by
Chrysler, it’s called
Chrysler YpsilonVice Vs Virtue and it’s all about encouraging women to take a step out
of their comfort zone by try something they wouldn’t usually! 

Monday 12th May saw the launch of the Chrysler Ypsilon Vice Vs Virtue campaign with a
variety challenges being posted on the Stylist website.  Each day there is
a Vice or Virtue option for you to challenge yourself, with the chance to win
some exciting prizes by voting which you would do.  If I’m being honest I
have mainly selected Virtue options this week… but I’m planning to be even
more daring next week as long none are swimming with sharks or jumping out of

The week began with the first challenge making it’s
way onto the Stylist website, providing challengers the chance to win Schuh
vouchers but unfortunately I couldn’t ditch my job to follow my dream (full
time blogger!) and I was too frightened to ask my boss for a pay rise. 
Day two arrived and I decided I’d wake up and take on the vice or the virtue regardless…


Live in the moment and talk to a stranger on your


Be impulsive and ask somebody out on a date

I couldn’t ask anyone out on a date as I’m in a
happy relationship, so decided I’d have a chat to someone on my commute. 
I got on the bus and headed into work.  I luckily sat down next to someone
around my age with the most amazing handbag.

“Wow I love your bag! Where is that

The rest continued on and it turns out we were even
working in the same building and I’ve now got a lunch buddy… all because of a

We grabbed a coffee on Thursday and it turns out we were both ex cheerleaders!
This is my new friend Helen.  

 As my week continued on more challenges appeared on Stylist but Wednesday’s particularly catching my eye.



all of your chores before lunchtime


yourself to the limit and take on an endurance challenge

The virtue would be lovely but for me it’s never realistic due to how much I’m always doing, so I decided to select a goal to aim for even though I’m already training for my first triathlon *gulp*.  

After a long chat with my Ironman other half I’ve decided to train to do another triathlon abroad! I’m not sure which as I want to get around my first in one piece! I have however decided to do the Le Petit Grand Prix bike race in Lincoln so watch this space for my training…

I then pushed on after a hectic week to Friday when I was extremely excited to see the Vice Vs Virtue challenge for the day.

Spend Friday night in with a face pack and relaxing


the night away in a VIP club

I could of happily done both but after such an exhausting week I decided I would spend a pampering night in.  Face mask, fashion magazine, nail polish and hair mask, were all the perfect ingredients for a chilled Friday night in. 

Sometimes having a night in just to relax is just what your mind and body needs! 

The last challenge of the week happened yesterday which was a big step for me.  I have had a list of 30 by 30 and have wanted to start checking items off it, but I just haven’t been doing that, so when I saw the Vice Vs Virtue challenge on Sunday it was the perfect chance.


Take to
the saddle and enjoy a horse riding lesson


Take to the sky and
dive from a plane

I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed myself!  We got there and were ushered into our lesson and before I knew it I was sat on a horse called Scout.  I actually couldn’t believe how much I loved the activity, or how confident I was as normally I’d of been really stressing about it. 

Those were the challenges I tried out this week but I really do suggest having a look on Stylist.  Having a go at something you wouldn’t usually is very invigorating… but don’t forget just by voting you can win some amazing prizes. 

I’m ready to be challenged this week…

Watch this space (also Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) for my next challenges!




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