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Holland and Barrett Buddies #HollandandBarrettBuddies


I love to look after myself and I’m a firm believer that it can be done by a number of things, but especially with lots of exercise and by what you put in and onto your body.  

Over the past few years I’ve started watching what products have in them and what food contains what ingredients, so I have found that Holland and Barrett is the perfect place to discover many exciting well sourced items that are ingredient conscious. 

I was asked by Holland and Barrett to be part of their blogger buddy team and jumped at the chance.  I was partnered up with the lovely Rosie from A Rosie Outlook with our first task to spend £100.00 on each other from the Holland and Barrett website.  It’s often quite hard shopping for myself… let alone someone else but I was ready for the challenge!  

I selected a bundle of products for Rosie after reading her blog and her ‘about me’ page.  Turns out we’re actually really similar with age, lifestyleand goals are all on a par it seems. 

I won’t lie a lot of what I picked was what I would want… but I thought because we are so similar she would like the same.  I’m totally pinching how Rosie did her write up! I’m just going to select a few things off my list, tell you why I picked them for my fellow lovely blogger and then you can tell me what you would of picked! 

Inner Me Beautify Me 

I am a firm believer that taking a supplement for your hair, skin and nails is a good thing.  Since taking them myself my hair has become thicker and healthier with my skin clearing up massively. 

Naked Bars

Rosie got me some of these – yum yum!  I have these a lot because they give you a sweet fix naturally and come in some delicious flavours! 

Superdog Health & Vitality

No no… these aren’t for Rosie! They are for her four legged pooch… we all want a happy, healthy furry friend. 

Linwoods Flaxseed Sunflower Pumpkin Sesame seeds and Goji Berries

Another item I’ve had before is perfect to sprinkle on  your porridge for added vitamins… plus it’s all superfoods all for immune support.

Pukka Harmonise Tea 

Time to just relax is often forgotten so having a cup of tea can help with that. The Pukka tea range is endless and has a number of combinations for your need… this one is particularly key for chilling out!

There you have my shopping basket for Rosie… a combination of treats and items for a healthy lifestyle.  What would have chosen for £100.00?  Well check back soon as I’ll be doing a write up of what she bought for me! 




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