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Let’s do something about it!

Did you say vagina? Shh… we don’t talk about that!


I am a very chatty
person throw me a topic and I can chinwag for hours, but if the conversation were to
move to a discussion about intimate lady areas it would be the perfect way to
keep me quiet.  

“Our mission is to improve the intimate health of women everywhere”

 What is it about
saying the word vagina or speaking about intimate health that makes us cross
our legs and head for the nearest conversation exit?! It’s quite daft really as chances are we all have had similar concerns or problems. According to research
conducted by intimate health experts Vagisil, a shocking 1,000 British women were discovered to have a significant
lack of knowledge about intimate health…so why don’t we talk about it ?

Some of the many facts from Vagisil research

  • The average woman has said the word vagina 13 times in the last

  • ·     Perhaps worryingly 54% of women
    wouldn’t ask someone to have a look if they encountered a problem with their

  • ·     Those who would seek an outside
    opinion would most likely get a doctor to look at it (67%), while 50% would ask
    their partner

  • ·     More than one in ten women thought the
    normal pH level of a vagina is the same as water (12%). A third thought it the
    same as the rest of a woman’s skin. 53 per cent thought neither. (Your vagina
    has a unique pH, normally between 4.5-5.0)

  • ·     A third of women think the outside of
    every vagina pretty much looks the same

  • 2% of women are uncomfortable even mentioning
    the word vagina in daily conversation

With this
all in mind Vagisil have launched a brand new campaign to encourage us women to
learn more about our vaginas.
The Vagisil Let’s Do Something
campaign is all about gaining confidence to talk about your vagina
without the fear of embarrassment and helping you to become more aware
of your intimate health.  

have over 40 years of experience therefore if any company is going to
know about any concerns, then they are the people to help.
Women don’t want to talk about their vaginas and won’t search out help if there is a problem, so  I’ve listed some of their products below which help with common problems. 

daily care and treatment products are all specially designed to help cleanse,
protect and maintain the health of your intimate area.
Read some real reviews from real women here.


The best ways to keep yourself clean and fresh is with Vagisil Odour Shield Intimate Wash or Spray.  Borg of these help to simply keep you fresh all day long. 

PH Balance 

To maintain a healthy PH balance try Vagisil pH Balance Intimate Wash, which is meant to be great even for very sensitive skin

Rash, Irritation or Itching

Try the Vagisil Dual Action Intimate Wipes and these are ideal to pop into your handbag, but there is also Vagisil Medicated Creme.  You can use these to soothe but also when you feel the need to quickly freshen up.  

Moisture, Sweat and Chaffing

By using the Vagisil Moisture Shield Intimate Powder it helps to absorb any moisture and illuminate odours. 

Whilst writing this post I’ve even discovered more myself! For example did you know there are more
sweat glands in your intimate area than under your arms?!

If for any reason you have got concerns about your vagina I do
encourage you to seek help, however Vagisil have a page to give guidance
from their intimate health experts so make sure you have a look. 



*This us a sponsored post*


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