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Summer Adventure Holiday Ideas

I’m a firm believer that being out and about in the fresh air is the best way to enjoy life.  Any opportunity where you are being active is great and when it is something you’ve never done before, well that is a bigger bonus!

I’ve decided that with the holidays creeping closer to put a list together of potential active holidays. Being on a break but being active is the ideal combination.

Surfing, Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

First on my list is surfing.  I have been surfing quite a few times on holiday and it is one of my favourite activities to do.  There is nothing better than getting up, catching some waves then relaxing later on.  Don’t panic if you have never been before there are plenty of holidays out there that cater to first time surfers, and if you haven’t had a go it really is something that you must try out.  
There is a fantastic company called Explora that offer activities like surfing, quad biking, horse riding, kitesurfing and windsurfing.. the best part it’s all in Morocco! Sunshine and fun? Where do I sign up!

My surfing adventures


Holidays are a time to unwind and relax so next on my list has to be a yoga retreat. There are numerous places to go to for a yoga holiday and you don’t always have to go abroad, as there are plenty happening in relaxing spots in the UK.
After doing to some digging I found a gorgeous looking retreat called Sardinia Yoga, which if you have a nosey looks like heaven!  A combination of chillout and activity (yoga, snorkelling or mountain biking) plus being in a sunny spot, is all the perfect ingredients for a relaxing getaway! Other possible ones are Eco yoga in Scotland and The Body Retreat.


Whenever I say walking holiday people will normally always think of old people… well of course that is true… kind of.  Walking holidays don’t have to be about shuffling along to the local tea shop they can be about exploring and find new places. Eurocamp is full out exciting activities in some beautiful locations which offer walking escapes.

You can often take pets along too


I absolutely love to go cycling so any combining a holiday with site seeing on a bicycle gets a big thumbs up.  I go to watch the Tour De France everytime it’s on, so if you didn’t want to take part in cycling watching cycling events is still rather active… and exciting!  Exploring the Alps on two wheels is meant to be a fantastic getaway and companies like Bike Village which offer holidays around  Les Arc are perfect.

There are numerous active holidays you can go on so why not investigate further?  Having been on a surfing holiday previously I’d certainly suggest you give that a go! I really want to go on a yoga retreat this year but not sure where to go… if you have any suggestions I’ll gladly hear them!

So make your summer holiday for 2014 your active one!  What do you fancy trying?




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