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Afternoon Tea at The Designers Guild

There are many bonuses to being blogger and one of them is to go on fun
events.  I was invited by the lovely team at Designers Guild to head to
their Kings Road store for afternoon tea and a flower chat.  It seemed
to fit in perfectly as I had just visited the Chelsea Flower Show.

After doing my normal power walk to get somewhere on time I finally
found the shop on Kings road.  I could see straight away I was going to
want everything they had on display in my house. I wasn’t wrong.  

Myself and a few selected bloggers were joined by Tricia Guild herself
in the pop up flower shop which had been decorated with a stunning
collection of flowers.  When I say I wanted each one… I really mean

After meeting my fellow bloggers Yasmin, Debora, Rona and Amanda, we all indulged in afternoon tea complete with garden inspired sweet treats by talented cake company.  

Tricia Guild was going to give us an insight to her personal
inspirations behind her designs, especially that stunning signature
fabrics of hers.  Just by hearing her speak about how she manages to
think so creatively made me want to go home and redesign my entire

Not only did we get a look into Tricia’s inspirations we were also
joined by Juliet Graves. It turned out that she has come
with all the flowers on display from er company Thoughtful Flowers, explaining these were all home grown
as a part of her business with her husband. I won’t lie I was quite
envious of how divine these flowers looked, the colours and their
effortless beauty.  If only I could grow such an eclectic mix of

Juliet Glaves – Thoughtful Flowers

We were then unexpectingly given he task of putting together a bunch of
flowers and testing our floral arranging skills. Well, as you can
imagine I was absolutely clueless! After watching Juliet so easily create
a work of art in colours and textures, I was creatively dense with
where to even start.

Initially watching the others easily picking away I started to collect
flowers beginning with the peonies.. My favourite of course.  As I
continued on I felt the pressure ease as the palette of colours and
textures all suddenly began to work, I was really surprised… I wasn’t
actually too bad at this!

I was so proud of what I’d created that of course I had to send a picture to my Mum (my gardening inspiration).

After having a chat in the garden whilst sipping our tea, we soon decide to go on a tour of the Designers Guild shop.  Having never been in and only seen the iems online, I couldn’t wait to see the gorgeous things to buy!

Rich colours, stunning fabrics and iterior design work to make anyone want to revamp their home… I wasnted absolutely everything!  What a lovely way to spend an afternoon after a busy morning at the Chelsea Flower Show.

What do you think of the beautiful flowers?





    • June 12, 2014 / 5:20 pm

      I was quite impressed to! Never created a bouquet either… it was so hard!

    • June 12, 2014 / 5:22 pm

      It was! How cool are those cakes and biscuits?! Wish I could make them!

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