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Colour Pop

Sometimes I forget how much I love to jazz up a regular casual outfit.  I’m not talking chinos and ballerina pumps, I’m on about trainer and jeans.

I decided I’d shake things up with my acid wash jeans and take some inspirations from the 80’s with non stop colour!  Bright items and fun patterns are both absolutely key in the look. 

My week has been quite busy (as per usual) as my other half is turning 30.  I have been really tryi hard to organise something special, please everyone and make him feel he’s been made a fuss off.  As you can probably agree… Absolutely shattering. 

   What I’m wearing 

     Jacket – Quiz Clothing Pink and Orange Flower Prink Waterfall Jacket – £24.99

 Jeans – Primark 

  Top – Topshop 

  Trainers – Nike Air Max Thea from ASOS – £80.00

        Headband – H&M 

                Satchel – The Cambridge Satchel Company  – £125.00

With all this happening I really haven’t had a lot of time to plan outfits, especially looks that have pumps or heels… Running about everywhere it seems trainers of some description were my top choice. I’m wearing my new Nike Air lovelies from ASOS.  

I was firmly against wearing trainers for a everyday outfit – they are for sport why do they work with a normal look?! Well that was my thought pattern until I saw these bad boys.  Pure lust. 

I never used to be a fan of doing much with my hair but recently I’m trying to be a bit more daring.  I love hair and ties like my simple H&M black one, I feel it just adds a splash of fun to what could be a plain look if not careful.  

What other news have I got for you… Mmm… Oh yes more wedding chats with my family and playing with my beautiful baby niece. Lots of family time which unfortunately hasn’t been a priority but certainly made me realise how lucky I am with my bunch, and at I should be spending far more time appreciating them. I may organise something just for my immediate lot…

Aren’t they just awesome? Had so many people compliment me and ask where they are from.  They do actually come in an aqua blue colour, but I’m most certainly a pink girl. 

As for my jacket well this just is the ‘look’.  A bit of colourful drum from Quiz Clothing actually which lightweight and perfect to throw on with jeans to spice it up. 

In other news I’m beavering away on so many blog posts it’s quite crazy.  I have enough reviews to sink a battle ship and have potentially considering eventually going into full time blogging.  A long way down the list but I’m most definitely looking into it… Anyone else take the steps to doing that? 

Anyways so I’m currently sat in Nero drinking coffee and reflecting on life, but really I need to get on and go set up for a 30th birthday. Shame the weather sucks but will do my best to make it awesome. 

Over and out.





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