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Italian Garden Inspiration

The other week I went to Rome for work but before you start turning green with envy, I didn’t actually get to see it! However on the last day we finished early so I got some ‘me’ time to sit in the gardens by the pool.

Whilst I was sat there I got a chance to view what a relaxing Italian garden looks like.  Admittedly I know this was a pool area but the simplicity of the gardens really got me thinking of how everything here was to encourage socialising.

As you can see from the photos I took there were lots of areas for eating, drinking and places for people to get together to create memories.

Social Garden

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Obviously in the UK we don’t have the climate of Italy so being outdoors is something we all appreciate when we can sit outside!  For my take on an Italian inspired garden is lots of terracotta pots and planters with big plants, perhaps even hydrangeas could be perfect to provide their rustic beauty.  Adding in seating is a must so some kind of table and chairs is next on the list. A simple dining area is fine but it could be more inviting by adding cushions for the peak of the summer.   
There aren’t lots of flowers just plenty of simple plants in over sized pots, herbs (for cooking lots of delicious Italian meals) and places to sit out with friends and family.  The thing I loved most after investigating further into Italian lifestyle and gardens, was that no garden was ‘perfect’ each were just simple but full of beauty and guest friendly. 




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