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It’s well known that I do love a good cup of coffee.  I went through a stage of only having decaf but after my job became more demanding I find that coffee gives me that polite kick up the bum every morning.  

My hubby-to-be and I will frequently have coffees out before work, mainly to have that time to catch up but the problem is (as you can imagine) it can get really really expensive!  As we have now got a wedding to plan for we could do with cutting back on a few luxuries… 

Luckily for me being a blogger the team at Dolce Gusto got in touch about their latest De Longi coffee machine.  Now, I’d seen lots of these tap dancing coffee machines with various shaped pods that give you an mixture of flavours… but did they actually work as well as getting a Starbucks, Costa or a Nero?

I’ve drank coffee in every place possible from amazing Batista’s to those that don’t a have clue what they’re doing, so I was really interested to see what this device would create.  When unpacking the box I was a bit shocked how small the actual machine was – it’d dinky! Well I say that but what I mean is that it’s smaller than most standard machines.  

It’s quite simple really, (meaning even I can fathom it out) and all you need to do is pop in your milk pod followed by which ever coffee of choice you have.  I’ve tried tea chai, cappuccino, latte macchiato and loved each one. 

Like if you are someone who works from home, you have to be strike with yourself not to get distracted by anything around you, having a coffee at home (for me) is just like that.  I need to down tools and make time for it, for me.  Myself and Nick cleared the coffee table in the lounge, popped the radio and before work set aside time to catch up before our days begun, but we liked it so much we’ve decided to make 5.30pm (home from work time) the chance to sit down and catch up on the day.  

It’s totally idiot proof as well… always handy with me and gadgets.  You just pop the pod in and ta-da coffee house coffee! I do love filter coffee still but this is a great, quick and easy alternative. Have a look at all the other fun chats about the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods on their facebook page.  

Anyone else trying to cut back to save money for their wedding?  If coffee is a good place to cut back on this is a fab idea.




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