I have the most frustrating hair… ever.  My hair is a complete combination and when left untamed it looks like somewhat of a lion mane.  No joke.

I had a pair of GHDs for my 18th birthday which have managed to last for many many years now. They have been amazing and I wouldn’t exchange them for the world…until I was asked to try the brand new GHD Eclipse…

About the GHD Eclipse…

p.s totally meant rubber cover not silicone… no idea where that came from!

The Results… 

The look

Firstly like all GHDs over the years these are black, smooth and slim.  Not much difference between the others but they look more sturdy (like you’d see in the larger ones).  It has a sensor button on the outside that lights up and makes noise to tell you when its on, ready to us and also when you’ve turned it off. 

The hair 

I don’t straighten my hair every day so don’t take what I say as being gospel, but I can’t see any damage to my hair from using the GHD eclipse – always a bonus.  My hair feels fantastic everytime I use them and doesn’t take half as long as it did with my old GHDs or other hair straighteners, this is due to the tri zone technology that means it heats up super quick and stays at the best temperature.  

The verdict 

Personally I am really happy with the outcome of using the GHD Eclipse for the past few months, (always like to test for a substantial amount of time before reviewing) they have been perfect especially when I’m in a hurry and want fabulous locks.   The best thing I would say is that perhaps if you had thick, curly, wavy or general hard to tame hair, you’d have to get hair straighteners that were chunky or with a wide panel…you don’t need that with these at all.  My hair is wavy (see video) and there is a lt of it so it can be hard to manage, but I’ve honestly found these GHDs to be a saviour…. my old ones were good but these tap dance in comparison.  Thumbs up to good hair days! 

GHDs are expensive. I’d be lying if I said they weren’t but you do get what you pay for.  I remember buying about 5 different types of hair straighteners over a 5 year span for possibly all around £30-£40 and each one took so long to do a bad job in straightening. If I’d of not spent that money on mediocre hair tools and just purchased GHDs to start with… I could of saved my hair from 5 years of damage… well and my bank balance! 

All the glory of beautiful hair with none of the damage.

The new GHD Eclipse are £145 and can be bought from GHDhair.com or John Lewis.