Top 5 things to do in London for a girls weekend

My bestie is leaving me and moving abroad to embark on some new adventures.  We both don’t get to see each other very often but when we do it’s like we’ve been together the entire time.  That’s real friendship.

girls weekend

With her going away we’ve decided to plan a weekend of fun.  She is based in Manchester and me in the midlands so we’ve chosen London as our place to go, and of course with me being the ‘planner’ I’ve been coming up with some exciting things for us to do.  These may help you select some things to do whilst in London with your best friend…

It’s a very obvious choice but it’s a firm favourite because of the diverse range of shows you can see!  For me I’d really like to see Bodyguard with Alexandra Burke in and maybe even The Lion King. You can actually do some complete theatre break packages  where you get your accommodation and show included, making it quite hassle free which is not a bad idea if you ask me! Hotels Direct are pretty good on rates and combinations.

This is a very obvious choice especially for London.  Personally I don’t like Saturday shopping in my own town let alone London, so I prefer to go off the commercial map and find other places.  It will still be busy but my gosh is it worth it!  I suggest heading to Spitalfield Market as there are some fantastic bargains, I went the other week so you will see some in my upcoming style posts!

If you’ve read my blog you will know I do love afternoon tea. There are numerous places to go in London so you can go from very low key to tap dancing – it’s just endless! Currently one of my top reviews is the Harvey Nichols Riot of Colour afternoon tea, myself and Jodi went last year and loved the entire experience.   I am due to be going to One Aldywch for their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea…. put it this way I won’t be eating before and after… there is a lot of yummy treats! yum yum!

I do think that pampering is one of the best things of a girls weekend, just to relax and feel at ease is the best feeling ever. I’m thinking of getting our hair done somewhere like Toni & Guy, The Blow Dry Bar or Hershesons, which all offer the chance to get your hairstyled in a way you perhaps couldn’t do yourself. The great thing is that when your hair has been done you feel awesome and will be ready for your night out! 

I had to throw in some kind of night time activity and a cocktail bar is perfect!  I’d previously been to Dirty Martini which was great fun but what else is there in London? I’ve always wanted to try out Mr Fogg’s (also meant to be spectacular for a tipsy afternoon tea) and also Dabbous is a London hotspot for cocktails but also amazing food as well. 

You don’t have to make a weekend complicated but as long as you throw each of these 5 things into the mixing bowl, you’ll have the combination for a memorable weekend with your friends! 

We have a girls weekend coming up to wave goodbye to my bestie on her new adventure… we’re off to London too! Make sure you check back and see what we got up to! 





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