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Chill in the blog office

Whilst trying to create a space for my blogging I’ve discovered that lighting is everything.  With this I’ve been a huge hunt to find a statement lamp of some description.

how to make a shabby chic desk

I’ve got my blogging desk that I revamped… I got an old solid wood desk off eBay for around £50.00, sanded it down (took some elbow grease) then painted it purple!  A nice statement piece for my office and it works very well against the white of my shelves and coffee table.

shelving units in white

I’ve got the desk and all my storage which includes the Ikona Ikea boxes, I got those from eBay for a cheaper rate than you would buying in store.  I decided that as I sit at a desk all day for my normal job I didn’t fancy my blogging to become the same, so I saved our old white coffee table and create a chill space to read press releases and magazines.

table lamps

On the coffee table I’ve got a few key pieces but this is where my new lamp sits, it just works perfectly for when I want to sit and read.  I had a nose around the

lighting from BHS

I tend to go for something that’s typically me… aka floral or pink so I wanted something that was classic but fashionable too and the BHS Blythe large lamp looked just the part.  I was very happy to discover that it was in the sale for £65.00 from £130.00.  

fun offices

fun office ideas

What do you think so far?

The lamp really finishes off the room and makes that corner of it ideal for my reading… and tea drinking! 

I’ve got to start to sieve out some of my old ‘crap’ I’ve carted from house to house that hasn’t got a particular home.  There are elements of the office that need to be tidied up as they just don’t match or work with everything.





  1. September 14, 2014 / 4:29 pm

    So jealous of your purple desk! I have no room for a desk in my flat so I tend to sit at the sofa or on my bed when I surf the net and blog. One day 🙂

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