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Exclusive chocolate making evening with Paul A.Young

 As I’m getting increasingly closer to my 30’s I’ve began to realise I should of appreciated things more.  What I mean is when you are at school most of us aren’t thankful for the many possibilities of learning, for example I wish I’d taken more interest in textiles or maybe even learning more about how to cook properly… but I didn’t at all I just coasted my way through unsure.

Learning to make truffles

I’m all about learning now and anything I can do to add a string to my personal portfolio or to my CV, I’m all for!  Considering all this I was of course going to snap up the chance to learn how to make chocolate truffles, not only would I learn a new skill… I’d be feeding my chocoholic needs!

how to make truffles

Taking place at paul.a.young’s chocolate shop in Soho, Paul himself was going to guide us through the world of fine chocolates.  

We would be taken on a journey from the bean to the bar, looking at single origin, single bean varieties and rare unique chocolates.  He would then demonstrate some of the key skills in how to create our very own truffles! I couldn’t wait…

Paul A young's London

 I arrived in Soho and entered Paul’s shop, I couldn’t believe how wonderful it smelt (I wanted to eat everything) and how many varieties of chocolates were available to purchase.  

We were soon escorted down to the kitchen where I fitted my gorgeous headwear for the evening (I looked like a dinner lady!) and got ready for some chocolate action.  

After Paul introduced himself and his work colleague Cesar, we began discovering a variety of flavours by tasting beans from across the globe and different chocolate combination.  It was fascinating to learn so many new things about this delicious dark sweetness, that I’d spent so much time eating without giving a second thought.  

chocolate making course

As the workshop commenced I got chatting to Paul.  I discovered he used to be a chef at Marco Pierre White and then worked for both M&S and Sainsburys in product development, before opening his first boutqiue chocolate shop.  For someone who is so famous in the chocolatiering world he was extremely down to earth, lovely to speak to and most of all a very patient teacher! 

After we’d got an understanding of chocolate and how paul.a.young’s salted caramel was crowned best in the world… we began the best bit… the making of the chocolate truffles.

 After Paul gave a demonstration of how they make fine chocolates in store, we got a chance to get our hands covered in chocolate and create our very own truffles to take home.

I think my favourite part was actually the decorating as I may have got carried away with the shimmer! I won’t lie I so enjoyed the chocolate truffles… but couldn’t eat another bit of chocolate after the workshop.

Having a partner who used to be a head chef I know how much paperwork they need to get through each day, but I was really surprised to discover Paul and his team didn’t do that.  

I queried where there paperwork was but it turned out that Paul used the Intel tablets, apparently the use of the modern technology has completely changed his company…check the video below.

One main thing I took away from the paul.a.young chocolate truffle making was how much time and effort goes into their creation.  I did like the fact that everything is natural and therefore chocolates won’t last for months, (unlike those you buy in normal supermarkets) it just emphasised how special these chocolates really are.

I gave my truffles as a treat to my fiance as it’s been a standing joke that since we got together, (7 years ago) that I never cook for him… so I gave him some delicious chocolates… and only pinched two! 

If you fancy having a go at one of Paul’s workshops check out the paul.a.young events page




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