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Go Walk

I literally counted down the days to bank holiday.  I have never needed a break as much as I did after this week and so all I decided to do was chill, be selfish and see the people I love. 

I never always get a chance to appreciate what I have on my door step and so we decided to take the dog over to Leicestershire’s Bradgate Park.  

bradgate park

Bradgate Park is beautiful and unlike other places we usually dog walk, you can go along a main footpath which helps in not getting muddy (and the dog too of course).  

leicestershire dog walking

We set off and I decided I’d just go in jeans, jumper and my new Go Walk Skechers.  I was so excited about using them because I have Skechers running trainers and they are absolutely amazing.  They completely changed how I run and so I was pretty excited about testing out their ‘Go Walk’ range.  

I’d stupidly forgot my socks but my other half explained that sometime he even runs without socks.  I was a little bit apprehensive but decided to give it a go.  Oh my word.  They felt like a glove. 

skechers walking

Whilst walking I was really impressed with how supportive yet flexible the shoes were… sounds totally contradictory but I didn’t even notice I had trainers on.  These particular Go Walk Skechers* are also for trail walking too so when we were trying to get the dog to move and stop sniffing in one place, we started running which obviously caused Olly to hot tail it over to us… but we continued all running together over the grass… I couldn’t quite believe how it was. 

walking go walk skechers

Sorry, I should of mentioned I am petrified of running on grass or uneven surfaces due to my knee, but this was fantastic and I could of continued running quite happily.  

go walk

There are many things you can wear whilst walking your dog so I’ve pulled together a few essentials bits. 

Jeans, jumper and some sort of light waterproof jacket should be a must,  however getting a good pair of trainers or walking are top priority.  I’m in big danger of sounding old here but if you do tend to walk your dog a lot, then you will damage your feet and cause your joints to be a risk if you don’t wear supportive/comfy footwear.

What did you get up to this bank holiday weekend?  Oh I did see Serge from Kasabian whilst walking Olly… little star spot for the weekend!




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