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Hippy Hippy Shake

flower headband

Isn’t it just wonderful being outside and seeing the sun shining more?  It’s hard not to smile knowing the day is going to get up before you do and greet you with a warm feeling.  This is what summer is all about. 

Style wise this week I’ve been very much feeling hippy festival inspired, so decided to jump on the band wagon.  Huge fan of paisley patterns anyway because whichever way you label them they always reemerge. 

Paisley palazzo

 My freesias are happy in their hanging baskets but this coming weekend is a ‘house’ day.  Been so busy dotting about and planning my life for the next 6 months that I seem to have neglected everything.  I’ve felt more poorly recently with a few pokes from my epilepsy, which is from a combination of stress and lack of sleep. It’s just natures way of saying I need to take it down a peg or two and has made me think clearer about what I want. 

A bit deep and meaningful… so back on to hippy style!

F&F Summer clothes

What I’m wearing 

Top – F&F White Crepe Vest – £12.00

Trousers – F&F Paisley Print Palazzo Pants – £18.00

Necklace – Vintage

Sandals – F&F Gold Trim Black Sandals – £14.00

Bag – TKMaxx Fiorelli Monochrome Tote – £34.99

Headband – Spitalfields Market – £5.00

The beauty of this look is that you can be set for a day out shopping, going for lunch or a spot of afternoon tea.  I love how relaxed this creation is and how on trend it is.  I swear I should work on commission for F&F but quite honestly I love, love, love shopping there – bargain fashion that doesn’t look a bargain.

I love the fact there is blue, black and cream in the trousers meaning I can team my monochrome handbag with it. Usually the easy option would be some sort of tan colour but I felt this just gelled far better to be a tiny bit different.

I always thought I’d never be the type of girl to wear a floral headband but with festival season truly upon us, I decided to embrace the style.  This one picked up at Spitalfield Market in London was handmade and only £5.00.  Bit of a bargain esepcially as it’s not on the highstreet.

Anyone else loving the hippy vibe this summer?




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