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New Look Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz

I can’t hardly contain my excitement… I’m off on holiday!  I know that doesn’t sound much but honestly it really is and the best part is that I’m away for two whole weeks.. two whole weeks!! 

I have not been on a proper holiday in years and believe it or not me and my other half, who might I add have been together for seven years… have never been on a proper holiday together.  Crazy isn’t it?!

I had a go at New Look’s Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz. It basically showed where my perfect holiday location would be based on my answers, which was of course going to be somewhere tropically lush – Barbados. 

It actually gave me three top picks for clothes to go with my holiday outcome and I must admit I loved all three! The swimsuit is such a funky and fun pattern – might have to purchase that for the beach!

New Look Geo Zebra Print Bandeau Swimsuit£24.99 SALE £14.00

New Look Black Embroidered Lattice Tassel Kimono£24.99 SALE £14.00

New Look Black Aztec Embellished Ankle Strap Wedges£27.00 SALE £12.00

The great thing about all of these items is that once you add any bright colour the patterns come to life.  Neons are the obvious choice for the beach to emphasise the tan, just to point out that if you go shopping now for any holiday bits most will be in sale! Very good news for us late holiday travellers! 

If you fancy embracing the tribal vibe here are some top picks

Tribal dance

Have a go at the New Look Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz and tell me if you’re off to Barbados like me or jet setting elsewhere!




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