Wedding Guest Style in Blue

The wedding style summer 2014

haven’t been to many weddings this year, actually in fact I’ve not been
to any apart from one most recently.  It was a pretty big celebration
as well due to the fact my fianc├ęs sister was the one getting hitched. 

all have numerous items we could potentially pull out of the wardrobe
to wear to such an occasions, many of us even dig through our clothing
archives to find something but I’m a firm believer in having a backup.
 The horrendous feeling when you slip on a dress that perhaps feels
slightly more snug than it did last summer, when you showcased it at an
old friends wedding in order to make old school friends jealous of your
beautiful figure… Sounding familiar? We’ve all been there.  

this particular wedding I didn’t need to impress anyone I was confident
my dress would fit (even though I didn’t feel my best on the day) and
was pretty much sorted… Apart from the fact so much had been going on
in my life I hadn’t even thought about what to wear with my gorgeous
blue Chi Chi dress.  School girl error it seem

I spent the best part
of the month running about hunting for items to go with this beautiful
dress, so as a backup I went for nude items to match that tone hinted on
the chest of the dress.  The great thing about investing in such
colours is that they practically go with everything

My famous Kurt Geiger platforms made an appearance and thankfully they didn’t kill my feet – even after a few guzzles of bubbles and dancing about the place.

My hair was next on
the agenda with my home hairdresser, Emma Claire working her magic.  Not
in a million years could even come close to creating what she did.  I’d
actually had a migraine for three days before the wedding and feeling
fabulous was right at the bottom of my to do list, but feeling like my
hair was at least sorted I could feel good… Does that sound odd

There are a number of
dresses for weddings that could be taken from Chi Chi clothing,
including the beautiful dress I wore on my engagement night and this Chi Chi Madison Dress*. They all
tend to be a very flattering shape, good enough for eating more than you
should and covering your cake bloat and for twirling about on the dance
floor without flashing your underwear… Always handy

Just to flag up if anything is back to front (text wise) in this document I’m typing whilst in Egypt and everything on my screen is in Arabic… good times

What do you think of my wedding guest outfit





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