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it feel that recently the weather has suddenly turned into a scene from
Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day?! It’s cold, it’s rainy and quite
frankly I’m ready to hibernate. 

other day I was walking to work in my dog walking raincoat, trainers
and my most comfortable clothing possible.  Doesn’t sound awful but
might I remind you I was going to work like that.  Normally I make a big
effort for work (even though we have a smart casual policy) but today I
couldn’t see the point as I was going to look like a drowned rat regardless. With all this in mind it made me question how can we make AW14 fashion adaptable for
the British weather? It’s all well and good seeing these models looking
crisp and beautiful… but they are totally untouched by anything the UK
weather has throws them, we on the other hand, aren’t so lucky.

gone through each of my favourite brands and selected some of their key
AW14 items and chosen those which will keep you warm  whilst still
keeping in fashion.  Some don’t have anything to cater to those rainy
days, but I’m on the hunt for that and will update you soon. 

F&F AW14 Top Picks

1. Embellished Ripped Jumper -£22.00  2. Gold Trimmed Heeled Boots -£28.00  3. Sheer Black Polka Dot Shirt – £20.00  4. Animal Print Faux Fur Coat – £39.99 5. Faux Fur Handbag – £12.50

things first we have my lovely lot at F&F.  If you know me you’ll
know I adore F&F… I can’t seem to go in without coming out with
something! Plus I always find when people ask where an item is from,
they’re gobsmacked to discover it was a bargain from F&F.  I really should start lying and saying it’s designer.

selected the faux fur leopard print coat because obviously it goes
without saying that it’s warm and the trend from last year seems to be
on the hit list this time.  I will be investing in one of these! 

all about boots but donut here decided to go to work in some loafers
which exposed the top of my foot, it then decided to throw it down and
subsequently I got soaked. SO yes, boots are a must for keeping warm and
dry.  You can see in the F&F collection I’ve selected some fun ones
that you can still walk in and only cost £25.00. 


1. Black Floppy Wide Beam Hat – £25.00   2. Faux Leather Leggings – £38.00  3. Denim Shirt – £40.00
4. Herringbone Longline Coat – £48.00 5. White Leather Chelsea Boots – £65.00

Next on the list is Warehouse and my first find was those white boots! Big fan of Chelsea boots in general but I think these white ones from Warehouse are pretty statement, especially teamed with rich oxblood red faux leather leggings.  All quite warming colours so ideal for the weather and really current.

Topshop AW14 Top Picks

1. Moto Denim Festival Jacket – £78.00   2. Premium Pony -Effect Tassel Backpack -£100.00  3. Window Peg Leg Trousers – £40.00  4. Ribbed Grunge Jumper – £36.00  5. Billy Croc Boots – £46.00

Those trouser are awesome in so many ways… spotted a few key bloggers wearing them and really liked the pattern and cut.  The moto denim jacket I was a bit hesitant about as I did think it was an old design that may not quite be as cool as it seems, however the more I saw it the more I liked it.
There are lots of the same sort of boots out at the moment so I was drawn to these Topshop ones as they are different.  The use of the croc effect and the buckles are an AW14 must. 

Zara AW14 Top Picks

1. Shirt with Bow Collar – £25.99   2. High Heeled Leather Cowboy Booty – £79.99  3. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans -£39.99  4. Faux Fur Coat – £79.99 5. Zipped Bucket Bag

One of my friends met me for lunch the other week wearing that gorgeous faux fur coat.  I had major coat envy thus why it’s in my top picks.  I want it! Moving along those simple yet chic black boots are perfect for those who opt for classic fashion, they move away from the standard skinny heel by having a nice chunky one instead.  This seasons ripped jeans fashion love, teamed with the mustard shirt will look… making it level out as a nice smart casual combo.

Reiss AW 14 Top Picks

1. Monty Peaked Cap – £55.00  2. Shaftesbury Black Boots – £279.00 3. High Neck Metallic Top – £68.00  4. Paloma Faux Fur Collar Coat – £350.00  5. Grayson Feather Clutch – £110.00

I do like a bit of Reiss and for this season I feel for that Paloma Faux Fur coat and (oh my word how spectacular are they?) black Shaftesbury boots.  I’m all for ankle boots but you can’t beat a pair of knee highs.  Burgundy and raspberry tones make everything warm for AW14 looks and throwing in flashes with the Grayson feather clutch or making a statement with a simple pair of jeans with the High Neck Metallic Top.

P.s there is a Reiss Sample Sale on the 29th to 31st October from 8am to 8pm at the Music Rooms in London.

Oasis AW14 Top Picks

1. The Katy Coat – £95.00  2. Jemima Zip Chelsea Boot – £68.00 Boots  3. Chiffon Checked Shirt -£38.00  4. Jade Stretch Coloured Jeans – £38.00 5. Jemima Satchel – £25.00

I’ll be completely honest I don’t always look in Oasis when I’m going shopping as I find some of the items to be quite similar each season.  I am however pleased I took a peak this time as I fell for that chiffon checked shirt. The items I’ve chosen are all bright and fun but surprisingly for current season rather than bright colours for summer (which tends to happen).  Those boots are very cute especially with the suede and leather mix.

Miss Selfridge AW14 Top Picks

1. Teal Felt Fedora Hat – £25.00 2. Windowpane Tube Trousers – £25.00  3. Rib Bardot Top – £16.00 4. Textured Faux Fur Coat – £99.00  5. Amsterdam Block Heel Boot – £45.00

Another place I don’t always shop but really pleased I did this time.  I do like a good hat and this one is a great change from the standard black ones seen in this style.  Teal is a common colour but used correctly (like this) can make an outfit go from drab to flawless. Big fan of the faux fur again and like how Miss Selfridge have avoided dark colours and gone for a pink.

Karen Millen AW14 Top Picks

1. Jersey Black Jean – £99.00 2. Suede Shoe Boots – £170.00  3. Sheer Shirt – £125.00  4. Floral Print Oversized Coat – £299.00 5. Texture Leather Large Tote – £225.00

I don’t really need to say what my favourite item here is do I?!  That coat is just jaw dropping.  I can’t fault it and being that it’s all winter florals it is a superb statement piece for your wardrobe.   Karen Millen tend to have a lot of very well made items but also take classic designs and make very simple but clever changes.  The sheer shirt is a great example of this and would work well with dark jeans, boots and that amazing coat.

H&M AW14 Top Picks

1. Skinny High Jeans Black – £29.99  2. Brogue-patterned Boots – £29.99  3. Blouse with Bow – £19.99
4. Coat in Wool Blend – £49.99  5.Corduroy Bucket Bag – £14.99

All about the black ripped jeans at the moment and these ones from H&M are a bargain.  As you can see I’ve gone for another blouse with a bow, I liked them last time they were in season so I’ll be onto this again.  Bucket bag is good size with the nice texture making it a warmer accessory to fit with current season.

New Look AW14 Top Picks

1. Blue Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – £26.99  2. Black Short Chelsea Boots – £24.99  3. Dark Grey I’m So Fancy Sweater – £14.99  4. Burgundy Brushed Funnel Coat – £37.00  5. Black Houndstooth Print Panel Twist Lock Clutch – £15.99

New Look have really impressed me this season actually, they’ve had quite a lot of good layering pieces for every shape and size.  I’ve had some affordable tops that have been super for putting with other items to create outfits.  Anyways so I’ve not used a classic black Chelsea Boot yet so here are some for only £24.99… you can’t really go wrong with them.  I loved that sweater! Perfect for keeping nice and toasty… especially with the burgundy funnel coat – oh by the way that’s just gone into the sale!! 

There you have my top picks from the high street for AW14.  Hopefully I’ve given you some style inspiration for what to buy/wear to keep nice and stylishly toasty this season!




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